2017-07-14 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres

Trenholm Road: A homeowner called police just before midnight Monday after his video surveillance system picked up an apparent burglar trying to break into his home. The homeowner said the cameras picked up a man walking through his yard carrying a flashlight and an empty bag. The suspicious man was walking around the property and then went up to the door of the home and tried to open the locked door. On the tape the man was pulling and pushing hard on the door, but it wouldn’t give, so he picked up his things and left the property. Police are reviewing the video to try and identify the culprit.

Trenholm Road: A woman called police at 11 a.m. Monday after she said she had been harassed by telephone. The 70-year-old woman told police she had received numerous calls from an unknown caller, and when she picks up, the caller simply breathes heavily into the phone. The woman said she was concerned because she had recently lost her car keys, and her business card was attached, and it had her home number on it. She wasn’t ready to press charges, but she did give police the caller’s number as it appeared on her caller ID and asked them to confront the man and make him stop calling her.

Forest Drive: Police were called to a grocery store at 2:30 p.m. Saturday after a woman unwittingly tried to pay for her food with a counterfeit $20 bill. The woman handed the money to the cashier who then used a counterfeit detection pen on it and discovered it was a fake. The customer told the responding officers she had just gone to her bank to get cash and said the fake money came from there. She was not a suspect as the bank backed up her story. The bank is investigating the origin of the bogus bills.

Richland County

Bethel Church Road: A woman called police at 2 p.m. Friday after she said she was drugged and robbed by her cleaning crew. The 57-year-old woman told the responding officers she had invited two “friends” to come over and help her clean her home. She said she was “pretty sure” the duo had “made off” with a can of lighter fluid that belonged to her. She told the officers she also thought the pair had “drugged” her by putting eye drops in her drink. She declined to press charges, but she was advised to not invite those two people over in the future.

Two Notch Road: A man called police at midnight Tuesday after he said he learned someone was using his identity to open cell phone accounts. The 33-yearold man told officers earlier that day he had received a letter and a welcome package from a cell phone company he had never dealt with. The man said once he contacted the fraud department at the new cell phone company, they told him three new accounts had been opened in his name with three lines activated in Georgia back in June. He said he wasn’t out financially, and the company had closed all the accounts and cancelled the service to the phones, but they advised him to file a report.

Bethel Church Road: A man called police at 7:30 p.m. Saturday after he said his wife attacked him. The 49- year-old man told officers he was “simply texting a friend happy birthday” when his wife got mad and accused him of cheating on her. He told the officers his wife, who was driving, then reached across the car and scratched his neck. He also had abrasions and scratch marks on his neck that matched his version of the evening. The wife, when contacted, told the police the husband “slapped” her glasses off her face and then tried to choke her. Both admitted to prior drinking before the altercation, and both declined EMS.

West Columbia

Augusta Road: A man was arrested Thursday after a gas station attendant became concerned about his welfare. The attendant noticed a man slumped over in a vehicle parked at the pump, and after about half an hour, he called police to check on the man. When the officer arrived, he saw the man still possibly unconscious in a vehicle. The officer rapped on the window, and after several attempts the man woke up and rolled down the window. His eyes were glazed and red, and his speech was slow and deliberate. As the officer questioned the man about why he was sleeping in a gas station, he saw an uncapped syringe and a household spoon containing a brown residue that resembled heroin sitting on the driver’s lap. The man was told to get out of the car and placed in handcuffs. He admitted the substance in the spoon was indeed heroin and told the officer there was some more in the car. The officer called for backup, then searched the car. He found several more “baggies” of heroin and $1,200 in cash in the console of the vehicle. The man was charged with possession of a narcotic and with intent to sell. The drug was bagged up in gram bags which is how it is commonly sold. A tag check of the car revealed the registration was suspended due to cancellation of insurance, so the car was seized and turned into the highway department.

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