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Rosewood Drive tabbed for new cell phone tower

By Josh Cruse

This location on Rosewood Drive is the proposed site for a new cell phone tower. This location on Rosewood Drive is the proposed site for a new cell phone tower. Residents who attended the South Kilbourne Neighborhood Association meeting Thursday, July 6 heard about a proposal for a new cell phone tower along Rosewood Drive.

Jonathan Yates, attorney for Hellman, Yates, and Tisdale in Charleston, is spearheading the efforts to produce the tower. According to Yates, there is a need for a new cell tower to improve coverage and help with the growing capacity of the surrounding neighborhoods.

At the time of the meeting, Yates said the proposal is in the due diligence phase. After searching for the proper location, Yates said the only one that fits what the company is looking for is 3624 Rosewood Drive. Currently, an option lease is in place with the owner of the property; although, Yates said he did not know how long the option was for.

A factor in the length of the lease is if the proposal gets approved by the board of zoning appeal.

One option for the kind of cell tower is a monopole which stands at 130 feet tall. Around the pole, Yates said there is a proposal to build an architecturally designed building able to store equipment from five different carriers. Along with the building, there will be a lot of shrubs around the property to make it aesthetically pleasing.

While the proposal is currently in the due diligence phase, before it can be built the application for the proposal will have to be approved by Brian Cook, the zoning administrator for the City of Columbia, and then it will have to be presented in front of the board of zoning appeals as a special exception for approval.

If it is approved, Yates said it would take 30 to 40 days to build, and the carriers will visit four to six times a year to maintain the property. It will not produce any noise, light, dust, or vibration.

If the tower is not being used for a period of time, it will be taken down.

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