2017-06-16 / Education

Cardinal Newman student wins Pledge Your #Collegiance video campaign

Contributed by The College Board

Henry Johnston Henry Johnston Henry Johnston, who graduated in May from Cardinal Newman High School, is this year’s video winner of the Pledge Your #Collegiance campaign with his futuristic video pledging his collegiance to Emerson College.

Students submitted more than 3,000 videos/ photos/boomerang entries on Instagram for the PledgeYour #Collegiance contest, where students can earn up to $5,000 in prizes for announcing their college decision. Johnston took the top video prize of $5,000 which he plans to put in his college fund to buy materials he’ll need in the fall.

During spring break, Johnston borrowed a computer from school with editing software so he could work on the video. He found a tutorial online about creating holograms and spent three days shooting and editing the video.

“I had the idea for the video before I knew where I wanted to go to college, so I made two rough versions, one for Clemson University and one for Emerson College,” says Johnston.

He says the contest really helped him figure out where he wanted to go to college and now is confident he found the perfect fit.

“I fell in love with Emerson because everyone there is like me; they are into media and technology.” Johnston would love to work in media production: film, television, or a creative agency.

Ten students in total were selected for prizes; some created scary college monsters to keep them on track, others animated Legos, others dug (literally) very deep for their decision, and some even used pyrotechnics to express themselves.

“ We created our #Collegiance campaign to celebrate all those students who have achieved this important milestone,” said Andrew Elwell, director of Student Communications at the College Board. “This campaign gives students the opportunity to creatively share their decision as they look ahead to their first year of college.”

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