2017-05-19 / News

It’s a great day on Busby Street

Contributed by the City of Columbia

The Busby Street Community Resource and Training Complex is an eight+ acre site and will provide a perfect venue for community residents to gather for meetings and activities. The city prides itself on providing opportunities that empower, educate, and train residents, and connect communities.

This building will provide a place for countless engagement opportunities by residents, entrepreneurs, workforce agencies, educational entities, the police, and the public. It will be a place where the entire community can connect inside the facility or outside in open space or on the walking trail.

The city envisions a site where the facilities directly articulate community, safety, education, youth/ senior engagement, training opportunity, and community and economic development opportunities and will help “ bridge the gap” between business, community, and police.

The City envisions a site that will house numerous business/resident/ community-focused programs and services that address the many needs of the business, training, and residential communities.

“I want to tell the wonderful people of this community of 29203, the folks from Guernsey Street, the folks of North Columbia and Farrow Road, this is a great day on Busby Street.” – Mayor Steve Benjamin

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