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Heise, Moore answer questions about coach’s leave, resignation

Kevin Heise 
Photo by Jim Marczesky Kevin Heise Photo by Jim Marczesky When Kevin Heise resigned from Brookland- Cayce High School April 19, it left many unanswered questions.

Nearly a month since Heise’s resignation some answers are coming to light.

During Heise’s first block class February 9, he was interrupted by Brookland Cayce athletic director and football coach Rusty Charpia. It was that interruption that led to Heise’s speech.

Neither Heise nor Lexington School District Two attorney Jake Moore commented on any history of confrontations between the two coaches.

Heise said he was placed on administrative leave for breach of contract, while Moore gave the official reasoning for the administrative leave as a complaint.

Heise met with Lexington School District Two officials February 15 for 35 minutes. He said district officials discussed the incident in the classroom and asked him for his resignation, which he did not give at that time.

S. Jahue “Jake” Moore S. Jahue “Jake” Moore In the coming days and weeks, Heise held out hope there might be a possibility he could return to Brookland- Cayce High School. However, his feelings soon changed.

“After about ten days to two weeks, I realized they did not want me back, just hearing what I heard through the grapevine,” Heise said.

Moore said Heise scheduled a hearing with Lexington School District Two and could have returned had he won it.

However, the former Bearcat boys’ soccer coach’s resignation brought an end to the case.

“ The district handled this matter properly and in accord with established procedures,” Moore said.

Without a hearing, Moore said the school board did not hear any recording of the speech, if one exists.

Heise’s administrative leave caused a lot of anger toward the Brookland Cayce administration from fans and support for Heise.

“A lot of people were upset and angry from what I could see,” Moore said. “ We are not really certain we understand exactly why or how. The board of trustees didn’t do anything except follow the law and were presented with a resignation. I don’t know what anyone would expect.”

Among the acts of support, soccer players, along with fans wore t-shirts saying “I support Heise.”

The shirts made such a rift among the Brookland-Cayce student population, the players were asked not to wear them.

Moore said the shirts created a hostile environment.

Since his resignation, Heise and his wife Emily have taken coaching positions with Gray Collegiate Academy.

At the time this article was written, Brookland Cayce High School is still searching for new boys’ and girls’ soccer coaches.

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