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Life is a Balancing Act

Tammy Davis

Women have learned a thing or two about this balancing act called life.

5K’s and Closet Cleaning

I have done too many 5K’s to count, a couple of 10K’s, and two half marathons. I walk more than run and am known to register under an alias, so there is no public record of my time. Other than the half marathon that took me through Central Park, I have hated every single minute of every single race. Races and closet cleaning. More alike than you would imagine.

During races, I curse and consider calling an Uber. During closet cleaning, I curse and pour a glass of wine. Yet, I continue doing them both. Why? I like the feeling of accomplishment. You hate it while you are doing it but are proud when you’re done. Blisters on your feet, bags of items for GoodWill, both evidence of a job well done. A strong body and empty shelf space. Who could ask for more?

Hot Yoga and Hot Dates

Yoga is like having a great boyfriend. The music is soft, the lights are low, and you have on comfy clothes. Yoga or date night with your guy? The similarities are endless!

Yoga is pure pleasure, just like a nice date. Single parents are always thinking of the needs of others, but during yoga, it’s all about you! An hour to do nothing but listen to your body and see what it needs. A good night kiss and shavasana – both sweet, sweet endings.

If it’s a good date or a good class, you don’t want either to end, and you can’t wait until the next one.

Overhead French Press and Fluff and Fold

Circuit Training is like doing dishes and laundry. Neither are exciting but must be done. While I don’t love laundry or dishes, I do love my circuit training classes.

My monkey mind settles down while I am in exercise class. I think it’s the counting reps and concentrating on form that soothes my brain. There’s no space for any worrying or processing.

Doing dishes and folding laundry calms me in the same way. There’s comfort in the rhythm of the mundane. Definitely something soothing about bringing order out of chaos whether it’s a sink full of dishes, a basket of laundry or a scattered, overwhelmed brain. While these to do list items don’t make our hearts flutter the way date night or yoga might, women may value their importance.

Put One Foot In Front of the Other/Put It All Away

Walking is like the ongoing picking up and straightening up you do in your house every single day. It’s not exciting. There’s no great benefit at the end. But it must be done.

I walk with a neighbor about twice a week. The benefit to our bodies is secondary. We work through problems, we share recipes, we vent our frustrations. We’ve been walking partners for more than six years now. That’s a whole lot of steps. A whole lot of miles. A whole lot of issues worked through.

It’s like being on your therapist’s sofa, but you’re in running shoes and a sports bra.

Walking is free, you clear your head, and you burn calories. A win-win-win for sure. Picking up the house and early morning walks are good investments of your time. An orderly house/an orderly life. Weekly walks are the multi-taskers of a busy woman’s world.

Getting It All Done

Women are busy. No doubt. Our calendars may be full, but hopefully they are balanced.We have learned a thing or two about happiness. We know that self care is not selfish but critical. We understand it is as important to care for our brains as it is our bodies. We know our future relationships are only as healthy as our relationship with ourselves. Someone can only love us as much as we love ourselves. So we better treat ourselves right!

It’s hard to find time to do it all. No doubt. But we are the women, and we get it done. We get it all done!

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