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Historic Columbia honors its volunteers

Contributed by Historic Columbia

(L-r): Ronnie Chapman (Rising Star), Stuart Moore (Service Award), Robin Waites (HC Executive Director), Lilly Filler (Special Contributions), Rosemarie Sach (Newcomer Award) (L-r): Ronnie Chapman (Rising Star), Stuart Moore (Service Award), Robin Waites (HC Executive Director), Lilly Filler (Special Contributions), Rosemarie Sach (Newcomer Award) Every April, Historic Columbia holds its annual Volunteer Awards Luncheon to celebrate and thank the many volunteers who donate their time and expertise to advancing the organization’s mission. Historic Columbia could not provide its many valuable services without the passion and dedication of its volunteer corp.

This year, the following volunteers were honored: Rosemarie Sach (Newcomer Award), Lilly Filler (Special Contributions), Kim Jamieson (Innovative Leadership), Ronnie Chapman (Rising Star), Stuart Moore (Service Award), and Walt Hall (Volunteer of the Year).

“While we take this opportunity to highlight a select few people at this event each year, each volunteer plays an important part in the success of this organization,” said Executive Director Robin Waites. “The strength of Historic Columbia is realized in the way we work together to make this an organization in which we can all be proud to play an integral role.”

Rosemarie Sach— Rosemarie started off with a bang, by learning both Hampton Preston and Robert Mills tours as soon as she started. Since then she has often come in for several shifts each month including group tours and field trips. She has been a big help for our Happy Hour programs and is serving on our newly created volunteer committee.

Lilly Filler—Lilly became involved in HC during the first conversations around the Columbia Jewish Heritage Initiative in 2015. An active participant in volunteer organization and the Jewish Community, Lilly proved to be the ideal liaison for the key piece of CJHI – the collection of oral histories. To date she has conducted over 20 interviews, almost 1/2 of what has been collected by staff and other volunteers on the project combined.

Kim Jamieson—Kim Jamieson is actively involved with Historic Columbia, where she serves as a member of the Board of Trustees and as the chair of the marketing committee. Kim has been a strong and innovative leader and has helped with several recent marketing initiatives, including (but certainly not limited to) the reopening of the Mann- Simons Site, Black History Month, and the “On This Spot” brand awareness campaign. She is forward-thinking in all she does, brings great ideas to the table, and is constantly asking, “What’s next?” and “How can we make Historic Columbia shine?”

Stewart Moore—Stuart has been an active participant for years assisting with the organization of the Chili Cookoff and bringing new members to the organization. He became more actively engaged by joining the board of directors in 2010. Under his leadership, programs highlighted the broad scope of HC from tours of the Palmetto Compress Building and Cola’s to programs about USC/HC partnerships at the President’s House to meetings at HC-managed sites such as the Woodrow Wilson Family Home and Mann-Simons while they were in the process of rehabilitation. This nomination is for his decade-long service to HC and creativity in getting others committed to the organization.

Ronnie Chapman—A University of South Carolina sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering, Ronnie is celebrating her second year of volunteering with Historic Columbia’s Cultural Resources Department. Her work for the organization has included historic newspaper research, historic photograph research, and digital scanning. Ronnie embodies a well-rounded, cheerful and resourceful volunteer, particularly at a time in which many people her age are busy doing other things and often do not appreciate the impact that volunteering can have on the community. For her maturity and drive, Historic Columbia is very thankful.

Walt Hall—Walt is an extremely helpful volunteer interpretive guide. He is one of only five guides who knows the tours of all four houses, quickly learning MS upon its reopening. He is always willing to help with the multitude of tours he knows, including the houses, Elmwood’s Iconography, Main Street, the Vista (including 2 Gals and a Fork), Five Points, and the State House grounds. He has a wealth of his own personal knowledge and experience to pull from, making tours stand out for our visitors. He is a great asset to HC and has been for several years.

In so many ways, Historic Columbia relies on its wonderful volunteers. If you think “history is cool” and are interested in learning more about volunteering with HC, please join us at our New Volunteer Training event on Monday, April 24 or contact Betsy Kleinfelder at bkleinfelder@historiccolumbia.org or 803- 252-1770 ext. 24.

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