2017-03-17 / On Second Thought

Dead buffalo

Upon reading the February 24, 2017 issue of The Columbia Star, I was struck by the captioned photographs above the fold. One featured several young adults with two small children and the other pictured “a lioness with two cubs, Askari Wildlife Conservation Programme, Pidwa Reserve.”

I was looking forward to reading an article about the conservation efforts to preserve the dwindling numbers of African animals in the wild. Unfortunately, when I began to read the content below the fold I was horrified to be confronted with the photograph of an obviously dead buffalo and two smiling men.

Little did I know I would be reading an article that was essentially an advertisement for a company that organizes hunts of vanishing African animals and provides “menus” of trophy animals that hunters can track and kill.

I have enjoyed reading your publication since I have been a resident of Columbia. Your staff does a good job of highlighting student achievements and recognizing community service projects and volunteers. I would never have expected to see this content in your newspaper much less to see it on the front page.

I am sure I am not the only reader sickened and disgusted by the photograph and the description of the cavalier attitude the Kruger Safari business takes regarding the slaughter of African animals in the wild. It is important for you to know this is not acceptable to me and probably many of your other readers. I hope others will take the time to let you know their feelings as well.

Janice H. Blach

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