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Ridge View High School student meets teenage millionaire

Contributed by Ridge View High School

Jaylen Bledsoe and Tre’Von Mincy Jaylen Bledsoe and Tre’Von Mincy It’s not every day you get to shake hands with a teenage millionaire. Ridge View High School senior Tre’Von Mincy had the honor of doing just that when he met 19 year-old Jaylen D. Bledsoe at Orangeburg Wilkerson High School. Bledsoe currently has 150 -plus contractors working for him worldwide and an estimated net worth of $3.5 million. By 11 years old, Bledsoe taught himself seven software languages out of 10 books, over four weeks. Bledsoe started an information technology company called Bledsoe Technologies, LLC, and has established partnerships with Google and Microsoft.

Bledsoe was in Orangeburg sharing his inspiring story with other teens. He invited Mincy after reviewing his educational history and recognized a strong sense of future success for him with the proper mentorship and guidance.

Mincy is taking the CAD ( computer- aided design) and Apple Apps iOS Developer software classes at the Richland Two Institute of Innovation (R2i2) to help prepare him for a career in computer engineering. He enjoys film production, science, math, and engineering. Mincy has been accepted to the University of Maryland – Eastern Shore, Virginia State University, and the University of South Carolina – Beaufort.

Bledsoe rose to success when he created an App that allows customers to check into hotels online and use their phones as keys to unlock their room doors. In 2015, Ebony Magazine named Bledsoe one of the Most Influential African- Americans and was invited to be a guest speaker at the White House by President Barack Obama.

From Bledsoe’s Blog

“ Technology is a way to beat the struggle.

“Technology was my way out of a struggle. I believe this could be the same for you and for those around you. It’s not the only way, nor is it a guarantee.

“If you’re familiar with my story, you’ll know the importance of technology to where I’m at today. If you don’t, here’s a quick run down:

“My parents had me when they were 16. I was raised in a single parent household, where I experienced immense struggle: financially and at-times, emotionally too. I made a promise to myself I would never be in that situation again. Thanks to technology I’ve been able to fulfill that promise thus far.

“When I was in elementary school, I was placed in a gifted education program called “Galactic.” This program introduced me to the power of technology through video editing and music production.

“Jump forward a few years, I began breaking computers and fixing them, then web and App development which led to a successful I.T. Consulting firm.”

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