2017-02-17 / News

Dreher zoning efforts put on hold

By Josh Cruse

At its monthly meeting Monday, February 13, Melrose Heights president Fred Easley updated residents on Richland School District One’s efforts to rezone Dreher High School.

According to Easley, the school district is postponing all zoning hearings. He met with school district officials recently and learned about some misinformation from the City of Columbia Zoning department regarding issues such as the PUD. The Melrose Heights president was also informed the district would send out representatives to future meetings instead of Dreher booster club parents.

The update was the latest step from an original attempt to rezone Dreher in order to construct a new tennis court and multi-use field. The City of Columbia Planning Commission voted against the rezoning in a December 2016 meeting.

Residents from Melrose were concerned at an October meeting when two parents from Dreher’s booster club spoke with the group about the plans. The concerns stemmed from a previous encounter with school district officials in 2003 regarding the location of Dreher High School.

Easley also mentioned being approached about joining a coalition with Heathwood, Historic Heathwood, and Heathwood West. Residents expressed concerns about having a voice in the new coalition. No vote was taken until further information can be gathered.

Columbia police officer Orlando Santos reported burglaries at 1400 Hagood Avenue, the 3000 block of Pickett Street, and the 1200 block of Gladden Street. There was also an auto break-in at the 1200 block of Fairview Drive.

Santos also reported a small rash of vulgar letters which have been received by Melrose residents. So far two residents have received letters from an unknown suspect, in which there is a vulgar message along with a gift card from McAllisters.

Santos said he has spoken with the postal inspector about the matter.

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