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Patriot walks 25 miles to commemorate the Battle of Cowpens

Contributed by Granby Chapter DAR

Lisa Cain Borden Lisa Cain Borden During the Commemoration of the Battle of Cowpens weekend, Granby Chapter Daughter Lisa Cain Borden participated in the reenactment of Brigadier General Morgan’s March to the Battle of Cowpens in remembrance of her SCDAR ancestor’s brother, Michael Cain. Cain suffered a wound to the head in this battle.

The 236th Anniversary of General Morgan’s March from Grindel Shoals on the Pacolet River to the Cowpens National Battlefield followed the 25-mile route (and the pace) that General Daniel Morgan and his Continental army/ militia units followed as they raced to Cowpens and ultimately, an American victory over Lt. Col. Tarleton and the British Army in January of 1781.

Borden marched 15 miles on the first day and 10 miles on the second day.

Along General Morgan’s route, historians and re- enactors described historical buildings/ sites and what was happening in 1781, i.e. how far behind the British Army was. On the afternoon of the second day, the group entered the battlefield with a fife and drum corps escort. At the event tent, participants who completed the entire 25- mile march received medals from the superintendent of the Cowpens National Battlefield.

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