2017-01-13 / News

New Richland County councilmembers sworn in

Contributed by Richland PIO

After the official swearing-in of six Councilmembers, Richland County Council met for the first time this year to elect a new chair and vice chair.

Joyce Dickerson, who represents District 2, was named chair and Bill Malinowski, who represents District 1, was named vice chair for 2017. The chair and vice chair of Richland County Council maintain order during council meetings, decide what items make it onto agendas, and often represent council at public functions.

“I am committed to serving with dignity, respect, transparency, and openness,” Dickerson said after assuming the position of chair on the dais.

She and Malinowski were the only nominees for the positions and were elected unanimously by their council peers.

Six councilmembers were sworn in for the 2017-2020 term during a public ceremony held prior to the council meeting. Yvonne McBride, District 3, and Calvin “Chip” Jackson, District 9, are new to Richland County Council. Gwendolyn Kennedy, District 7, previously served on Richland County Council several years ago.

Dickerson and Jim Manning, District 8, also were sworn in after being reelected to their positions in November. Dalhi Myers, District 10, was also sworn in. Myers won a special election this past summer to fill an unexpired term and then was elected in November to a full term.

Dickerson welcomed the new members and expressed her excitement that four women will serve this term. She also stated that she is committed to ensuring the members work together to do great things for the community.

Richland County Coroner Gary Watts and Clerk of Court Jeanette McBride also took the oath of office during the swearing-in ceremony.

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