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Ode to my Father

Part 17: Read All About It! The Greeleyville Rabbit!
By Warner M. Montgomery, Ph.D.

A rabbit ran across the yard of City Hall. A rabbit ran across the yard of City Hall. (Note: This series is from my father’s memoirs I found long after his death.)

Greeleyville made the national news back in the 1930s. The Williamsburg County town was having an election for mayor. Henry Ferrell, our next door neighbor, was a candidate along with another man whose name I can’t remember.

While the voting was going on, a rabbit ran across the yard of City Hall. Everybody stopped what they were doing and chased the rabbit. They never caught the critter but came back and completed the voting.

Mr. Ferrell lost by one vote. He protested the election on the basis that the poll manager left the poll box. The poll manager said, “I didn’t leave the box. I took it with me as I chased the rabbit.”

My brother, John A. (I called him Bub), who had graduated from Presbyterian College and had just started working as a reporter for The State Newspaper, wrote the story. The Associated Press picked up his story and sent it throughout the nation.

H.V. Kaltenborn, news commentator on CBS Radio who had practically every radio station in America tuned to his program at 6: 45 p. m., Monday through Friday, signed off with “ The Greeleyville Rabbit” story. News from Greeleyville was the top news story in America that day.

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