2014-02-28 / Government / Neighborhood

Forest Acres City Council hears the good news

By Cathy Cobbs

The good news is that crime in Forest Acres is down in almost every category. And, says police chief Gene Sealy, there really isn’t any bad news.

“ You hear gloom and doom all around, but I look at the science of things, and it was a really good report,” said Sealy of the 2013 summary. “We are down in almost every category except false alarms.”

The report, submitted at the February Forest Acres City Council meeting, which was held February 19 after being postponed because of snowy conditions from its regularly scheduled time on February 11, showed crime figures down significantly in every major category. Incident report totals dipped to 1,996 from 2,412 the previous year. Sealy said that is the lowest number of reports taken since 2003.

In addition, traffic tickets totaled 2,211, down almost 500 from 2012, while traffic accidents were 532 in 2013 and 568 in 2012. The number of suspects taken into custody was 510 in 2013, compared with 641 in 2012. Last year, assaults, drug crimes, and burglaries were all down from the 2012 numbers.

The report covered eight years of statistics, and highlighted community activities monitored by the Forest Acres Police, as well as new technology installed in 2013, like cell phone crime alerts and crime mapping on the city’s website.

In other news, the council passed on second reading an ordinance that further defined the parameters regarding peddlers and solicitors, as well as right- of- way infractions. They also passed language defining the steps that would be taken if a person fails to pay a taxicab, limousine, or other similar vehicle while in Forest Acres.

The council also:

• Approved $42,300 of hospitality tax funds for the 2014 Forest Acres Classic.

• Approved $34,620 of hospitality tax funds each for the next two Rooftop Rhythms events, to be held April 24 and May 22. That number is approximately $5,000 less per event than what was spent in previous meetings.

• Heard of a plaque installed by the city clock at the corner of Trenholm and Forest Drive to honor former city council member Charles Fetner, who died last year.

• Continued to discuss proposed parking and drainage issues at Pinetree and Citadel parks.

The council adjourned at 6:01 p.m. In attendance were Ginger Dukes, Curtis Rye Jr., Frank Brunson, Beau Powell, and Shell Suber.

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