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Army retiree starts his own business with N-Hance, a Home Depot sponsored service

Photo and story by Bill Hughes

Ron Adams, owner of Adams Wood Restoration Ron Adams, owner of Adams Wood Restoration With a shot in the arm from no less than The Home Depot, Army retiree Ron Adams is launching his dream of a business of his own.

The 44- year- old Bishopville native is one of the country’s newest franchise owners for NHance, a Home Depot sponsored service that offers a proprietary wood refinishing/renewal process for kitchen cabinets and wood floors.

Adams, who mustered out of the Army 16 months ago, learned about N- Hance from a business coach he met at a Fort Jackson career fair.

The prospect of becoming par t of a national service with a physical presence in 1,400 of the 1,900 Home Depots across the nation “was a no brainer for me,” Adams said.

Conversations with two other N-Hance owners in South Carolina helped finalize his decision and a shor t time later, Adams found himself training at the headquar ters of Harr is Research Inc. in Logan, Utah. Harris is the franchisor for N- Hance together with Chem-Dry, the world's leading carpet cleaner, with more than 2,000 locally owned franchises in the U.S.

Adams compares the training in Utah with the best he had experienced in the Army during a 24- year career that included three tours in the Mideast and a stint as a dr ill sergeant who molded 5,000 civilians into soldiers at For t Knox, Kentucky.

The Utah training was a hands-on process in which he learned to use the N-Hance process on real- life wood surfaces, Adams said. The process is environmentally friendly because it does not require any sanding, produces no noxious fumes, and dries quickly. The customer can select from a process to restore wood surfaces to their original look or change the color.

Adams says because the process is speedy, the inconvenience to homeowners is minimal and in commercial settings, the process allows a business to remain open. Moreover, he says the NHance method is a fraction of the cost of alternative refinishing techniques.

Tom Terrana is the area manager and technician for N-hance Wood Renewal based in Columbus,

North Carolina. Terrana has worked in North Carolina and most of the Piedmont South Carolina area for three years, where “I have not had a single dissatisfied customer,” he said

“This is the kind of business where there is a real need, either for people who want to remodel their own home or maybe flip a house,” he said.

Terrana has displays in seven area Home Depot stores, where he says most of the business consists of residential customers.

Adams and his wife, Marvina, a ten-year military vet herself, jointly own Adams Wood Restoration. Currently, she works for the Department of Defense on assignment in Afghanistan. Despite the distance, she handles most of the business paperwork via the Internet. She has about six months left in her deployment.

Early- on Adams also is relying on parttime help from three of his four children, but his goal is to provide jobs for vets like himself. He has worked with an array of military people during his time in uniform and shares a bond with fellow vets. Additionally, he is a volunteer at Columbia’s Dorn VA Medical Center.

Currently, Adams is making the rounds of Midlands area Home Depot stores, setting up displays and demonstrating N-Hance procedures to store personnel. In addition to in- store mater ials, he also has relied on a mailing campaign to introduce the business to customers.

Information about N-Hance and a connection to Adams’s business is available at http://nhance.com/necolumbiawoodrenewal. The telephone contact is 803-699-2334.

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