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Cayce City Council discusses farmer’s market sign ordinance

By Kristin Lavender

Members of the Cayce City Council met Tuesday, July 2, 2013.

Mayor Partin presented awards for those whose photos were selected to be in the 2013-2014 Cayce Calendar. This year employees took pictures for the calendar. Those whose photos were included were Mike Adams, Mendy Corder, Kirsten Davis, Leo Redmond, and Kay Hutchinson with first place going to Tara Yates.

Council approved a proclamation designating June as Communications Month and June 2 as Say Something Nice Day in the City of Cayce.

A resolution approving a Mutual Aid Agreement between the City of Cayce and the Richland County Sheriff’s Department was approved unanimously. This agreement authorizes law enforcement agencies to enter into contractual agreements with other law enforcement providers for public safety functions.

Once again this year the Department of Juvenile Justice submitted a Memorandum of Agreement for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Council approved with some changes recommended by City Attorney Danny Crowe.

Council heard the first reading of an ordinance to clarify the use of the Residential Sanitation Fee and approved the ordinance on first reading. This ordinance clarifies the intended use of the fee which in 1999 was designated for the replacement of sanitation equipment as required by state law. In the 2013-2014 budget council expresses intent to use the sanitation fee to pay for the operation of the sanitation department in addition to the purchase of equipment.

An ordinance to amend several sections of the zoning ordinance in reference to communication towers was approved on first reading. This ordinance is in reaction to a presentation to council in January by members of the telecommunication industry requesting Cayce consider relaxing some of the zoning ordinances governing the placement of cell towers and antennas due to the fact they were deemed to be not business friendly.

Cayce City Council also approved an ordinance adopting recently approved new construction related technical codes as required by state regulations on second reading. It is mandatory that all municipalities and counties enforce these codes.

Council approved an ordinance to amend the development agreement between the City of Cayce and Lexington County School District II for land use development of Brookland Cayce High School. The agreement dictates the terms under which Brookland Cayce High School can facilitate further development.

Council moved to the Temporary Sign Ordinance regarding Farmer’s Markets within the City of Cayce. Currently the ordinance is being violated by some Farmer’s Markets found to have temporary signs not in compliance with the city ordinance.

Members present were Mayor Elise Partin, Mayor Pro-Tem Skip Jenkins, Tara Almond, Eva Corley, and Tim James. City Manager Rebecca Rhodes and Assistant City Manager Shaun Greenwood were also in attendance.

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