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eMagazines arrive at Richland Library

Contributed by Richland Library

Richland Library customers can now access nearly 300 magazines from anywhere in the world—be it their local library, the comfort of their own home, or the other side of the globe.

Part of the library’s recent service enhancements, the new eMagazine collection is free and available to customers in downloadable, digital magazine formats for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC platforms as well as the Kindle Fire.

The collection includes a mix of popular and niche titles including Good Housekeeping, US Weekly, Martha Stewart Living, Consumer Reports, The Economist and more. As the service grows, more than 200 additional titles— including a number of foreign language publications— will be added for check out and download.

“Our new eMagazine collection allows customers the ability to access their favorite magazines freely,” said Richland Library Director of Literacy and Learning Tony Tallent. “Not only can they browse magazines on almost every computer in the library but they will also have access to iPads for use at each location. If a customer checks out and downloads a magazine to their personal device, it’s theirs to keep for as long as they like.”

The new service offers customers a variety of enhanced features such as automatic reminders for new issues, the ability to print select pages or the entire publication, and the opportunity to share magazine content via social media and email.

Library staff at every location can demonstrate the new service and help customers with the set up process. Customers can also access the library’s eMagazine collection at Ri chl andLibra r y. com. Online tutorials are also available to help customers use their library cards to set up an account remotely.

Richland Library is one of the first libraries in the Southeast to offer eMagazines to its customers. The service is made possible through a pilot partnership between industry leaders Recorded Books and Zinio for Libraries.

For more information about the Richland Library’s new eMagazine collection or to start downloading your favorite publications today, visit RichlandLibrary.com or call the News and Research Center at 803-929-3405.

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