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Prison does wonders for faith

i’m just saying...
Julia Rogers Hook

On Tuesday morning as I was waiting for my coffee to brew, I was flipping around channels on television. I landed on a program called The 700 Club and Philadelphia Eagles football icon Michael Vick was being interviewed.

The 700 Club is a flagship program of the Christian Broadcasting Network and is syndicated throughout the country as well as worldwide online.

I couldn’t quite believe Michael Vick, probably the most infamous and revolting dog-fighter of our time, was sitting there spouting off about “finding God.”

To review, in April 2007 Vick was implicated in one of the cruelest dog fighting rings ever exposed, and it was discovered he had bankrolled the ring, Bad Newz Kennels located in Virginia. Investigations revealed it was an interstate dog fighting ring that also involved gambling and drugs. Gruesome detailed photos were released to the public that proved unthinkable torture, abuse, and grisly executions of losing dogs, many of the executions performed by Vick himself.

Public outrage was at an all-time high, and after some of the other thugs who worked with Vick in his hideous business were arrested and turned over on him, Vick was forced to plead guilty in August of 2007 to federal felony charges and serve 18 months in prison.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank wisely wanted to distance himself from Vick and his monstrosities, so Vick was released from his contract after Blank failed at trying to trade him to another team. Most of his endorsements were cancelled due to public pressure and that, coupled with the loss of his NFL salary, had Vick filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by July of 2008. If you ask me, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

He currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Their coach obviously doesn’t have the same scruples as the Falcons’ coach. Too bad Charles Manson is too old for football or the Falcons could possibly hire him on too.

Still, on Tuesday morning as I watched mesmerized like the proverbial deer in the headlights, I heard Vick say how he had “found God” in prison.

Well, don’t they all???? Every potential Miss America/U.S.A./Watermelon Queen wants “world peace,” and every heinous piece of scum who has done some horrific crime tries to shorten their time by “finding God” in their jail cells. And I’m sure some do and are very sincere in their faith, and I wish them luck.

But Michael Vick?

I don’t think so. It’s a ploy to win back the public and nothing more. He’s not the least bit sorry for what he did to those animals. He’s sorry he got caught.

As I watched Vick stumbling and bumbling, I was shocked he was even being interviewed. As he went on with his spiel, I couldn’t help but think of those poor animals he tortured. As he told what I’m assuming was supposed to be a poignant story of how “hard” it was to see his children “through a glass partition” and not be able to touch them, I wondered if his mind ever wandered back to what he did to those innocent dogs.

...Starvation, beatings to make them mean, letting them kill the “bait dogs,” and tossing the wounded dogs into iron cages with no medical attention. I wonder if he remembers the ones he electrocuted.

When he came out publicly a while back and said he wanted a dog for his children, I thought that was the height of irreprehensible and unrepentant behavior. I believe part of his federal sentence was that he could never own a dog again.

But Tuesday morning as I was watching him trying to convince the television audience that he was a changed man and now “served God” on a daily basis…well...he even surprised me with his hypocrisy.

I just hope he remembers that “God” spelled backwards is “dog,” and when it’s Vick’s time, he will be judged accordingly.

I’m just saying…

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