2012-05-18 / Education

RNE NJROTC wins at nationals

Contributed by Richland School District Two

(L-r) Dieu Ho, Justin Adorno, Rodrick Weston, Carlos Ramos, and Olivia Livingston. (L-r) Dieu Ho, Justin Adorno, Rodrick Weston, Carlos Ramos, and Olivia Livingston. The 2012 RNE NJROTC Drill team has competed in local, regional and national levels of competition. This year the team went to seven different drill meets in the local area and placed 1st in three of them. The region drill meet was held in Fayetteville, NC Feb 24–25, and RNE took overall 1st place among 14 of the best drill teams in the area. The top two teams from the NC and SC area are invited to compete at Navy Nationals held in Pensacola, FL.

This year, the Navy Nationals were held on April 13 and 14. Twenty five of the best schools in the nation compete at the national level. The competition starts with a Personnel Inspection of each cadet that is competing in any of the 10 events. During the Personnel Inspection, each cadet is judged on uniform appearance, body position at attention, poise, response to oral questioning, and overall hygiene. Richland Northeast placed 4th in the Personnel Inspection.

The next event was Color Guard. In the Color Guard event, 4 cadets perform a series of 38 commands under the watchful eye of 3 Marine Corps Drill Instructors. Each movement is judged on precision, timeliness, and overall impression. This year, RNE Color Guard won 1st place by one point over the competition.

The Physical Fitness events were held in the afternoon of the 13th, and they consisted of sit-ups, push-ups, 4 x 220 relay, and 16 x 100 yard relay. The sit-ups and push-ups are done on a cadence around 50 repetitions per minute. After five minutes, the cadets can continue for one minute with as many sit-ups or push-ups they can perform. Individual medals are awarded to the top ten males and females who can do the most sit-ups and push-ups. In the male push-ups, Rodrick Weston took 3rd place with 134 push-ups and Dieu Ho tied for 5th place with 124 push-ups.

After dinner, 15 cadets were taken into a classroom and given a 100 question exam covering three years of Naval Science curriculum with 10 questions on current events. Each cadet is given one hour to complete the exam. RNE placed in the top 15 academically.

On Saturday, the teams competed in Armed and Unarmed Regulation Drill as well as Armed and Unarmed Exhibition Drill. Each event had at least 13 cadets performing a series of drill commands that were graded by Marine Corps Drill Instructors. Each cadet who led the drill had to memorize up to 70 different commands, and each one had to be conducted in the order listed.

Saturday afternoon’s events were Armed and Unarmed Individual Drill. In these events every cadet who wanted to compete were given a nine pound drill rifle and positioned on the deck, and a Marine Corps Drill Instructor called commands based on the Marine Corps Manual of Arms. Judges would walk through the ranks of cadets and eliminate those cadets that did not perform the command with precision. In the Armed Individual Drill, Justin Adorno received a medal for 9th place. In Unarmed Individual Drill, over 800 cadets competed. Rodrick Weston received a medal for 4th place and Olivia Livingston took 1st place.

Saturday evening was the awards ceremony. The Honorable Juan Garcia, Assistant Secretary of the Navy was the guest speaker. Rear Admiral Donald Quinn, Commander, Naval Education and Training, and Rear Admiral David Steindl, Commander, Naval Service Training Command was there to present the trophies and medals.

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