2012-04-27 / Government / Neighborhood

Rosewood residents learn about code violations

By Josh Cruse

David Hatcher, housing official for Planning and Development Services, and Johnathan Chambers, zoning administrator, provided Rosewood residents with information on code violations at the Rosewood Communi ty Council meeting Thursday, April 19.

The property maintenance division oversees approximately 29,000 oneor two-family homes throughout the Columbia area. The division enforces the international property maintenance code, the bare minimum code. Some of the more common issues they deal with are abandoned vehicles, care of premises, and roll carts.

Care of premise, according to Hatcher, deals with debris and overgrowth on a property. Overgrowth of grass or weeds has to be over 12 inches tall before it is a violation. Violators are given 10 days to comply or the maintenance division will have the lot brought up to code, and the property owner will be billed for the work.

Vehicles have to be operable and have current tags and registrations. According to Hatcher, unless there is an area in the front yard with an approved surface made out of such material like gravel, concrete or mulch, a vehicle parked in the front yard will be in violation.

While residents may build an area for front yard parking, the entire front yard can not be turned into a parking lot, says Hatcher. There are certain limits when it comes to parking areas in the front yard. Zoning should be contacted at 545-3333 with any questions regarding such issues.

Roll carts cannot be at the side of the road the day before or the day after service is complete. Residents will be limited to three warnings. If the code is broken a fourth time, the roll cart will be taken, and the resident will have to pay a fine to get the cart back. Chambers said the typical violations are working without a permit, front yard parking, and signs in the right of way.

In other news, Rosewood resident Susan Tokarski discussed a program the Department of Forestry and Beautification has that allows up to three trees to be planted in the right of way of any resident in Columbia. Any three of up to 70 different trees can be chosen and the city will water the six to seven foot trees for the first two years.

Arborist Sara Hollar can be contacted at 545- 3862 for more information.

The fourth annual Red Truck Pet Food Drive will be from May 19 to May 20 from 9 am to 5 pm at 2901 Heyward Street. Proceeds will go to benefit the city animal shelter.

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