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The Assembly members hold their 123rd annual ball December 23

Caroline Marie FitzSimons Caroline Marie FitzSimons The Assembly, established in 1889, held its 123rd annual ball Friday, December 23, 2011, at seven o’clock in the evening in the Columbia Ballroom of the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. Guests were received by Mrs. Walter Bellingrath Edgar, president, and Mr. Edgar; Mrs. Michael McNulty Beal, president-elect, and Mr. Beal; and the debutante daughters, granddaughters, and greatgranddaughters.

The debutante daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters of the members were Caroline Marie FitzSimons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duke FitzSimons, granddaughter of Mrs. Christopher FitzSimons III, escorted by William Alexander Kennedy; Coles Heyward Lawton, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph James Lawton III, granddaughter of Mrs. Charles Reid Jackson Sr., escorted by Robert Wilson Kennemur; Grace Whitener Lee, daughter of Ms. Ann Allison Lee, granddaughter of Mrs. James Richard Allison Jr., escorted by Benjamin Dunkin Allison; Jean Porter Price, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Porter Price III, granddaughter of Mrs. John Heslep Moorman Sr., escorted by Edward Kriegsmann Pritchard IV; Clara Elizabeth Weston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Nelson Weston Jr., granddaughter of the late Mrs. Shannon Nelson Weston Sr., escorted by John Anderson Wells IV; Rachel Ross Reeves, granddaughter of Mrs. Burton Wellman Fowles, escorted by Burton Palmer Fowles; Emily Duvier Cathcart, greatgranddaughter of the late Mrs. James Armstrong Cathcart, escorted by Ian James Cathcart; and Sarah Whitner Tarika, great-granddaughter of the late Mrs. James Armstrong Cathcart, escorted by Michael Thomas Cathcart.

Coles Heyward Lawton Coles Heyward Lawton The traditional debutante figure was led by Miss Grace Whitener Lee and Mr. Benjamin Dunkin Allison, senior leaders, and Miss Caroline Marie FitzSimons and Mr. John Oliver Hines, junior leaders.

Grace Whitener Lee Grace Whitener Lee Sons and grandsons attending their first Assembly Ball were Charles Roman Bowers, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Tison Bowers and grandson of the late Mrs. Charles Beauregard Roman Jr.; Walter Patrick Dorn IV, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Patrick Dorn III and grandson of the late Mrs. Bernard Manning; Burton Palmer Fowles, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Henry Fowles III and grandson of Mrs. James Henry Fowles Jr.; John Oliver Hines, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sewall Oliver Hines and grandson of the late Mrs. J. Hampton Brooks; Edward Kriegsmann Pritchard IV, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kriegsmann Pritchard III and grandson of Mrs. Robert Moorman III; Edward Davis Roth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weaver Roth III and grandson of the late Mrs. John Will Walker; Maxwell Knowlton White, son of Mrs. James Timothy Green Jr. and grandson of Mrs. Warrington Lawrence Williams; Ian James Cathcart, grandson of the late Mrs. James Armstrong Cathcart Jr.; Michael Thomas Cathcart, grandson of the late Mrs. James Armstrong Cathcart Jr.; and Hughes Mikell McGlone, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Jenkins Mikell, Jr.

Jean Porter Price Jean Porter Price Guest debutantes attending The Assembly were Mary Bond Screven Bailey, escorted by Frank Lockehart Rodgers; Elizabeth Pinckney Burns, escorted by First Lieutenant Leland Baker Burns; Alexandra Grey Cooke, escorted by Daniel Richardson Amaker; Mary Powers Covington, escorted by Thomas Hodges Hipp; Sandra Ravenel Godbold, escorted by Walter Patrick Dorn IV; Janet Cotter Jenkins, escorted by Steven LeGrande Harvin Jr.; Katherine Lee Kelly, escorted by Charles Roman Bowers; Elizabeth Anne Seabrook, escorted by George Hunter McMaster II; and Julia Campbell Spong, escorted by Cordes Baxter Kennedy.

The brides and bridegrooms attending The Assembly were Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Boyd Reedy of West Columbia, South Carolina; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan William Clinebelle of Columbia, South Carolina; Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Samuel Copeland of Buffalo, New York; and Mr. and Mrs. Brian Joseph Suthoff of Boston, Massachusetts.

Clara Elizabeth Weston Clara Elizabeth Weston Out of town guests included Mr. and Mrs John Sloan Cathcart II of Wilton, Connecticut; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tarika of Fairfield, Connecticut; Mr. and Mrs. Sanders Beverley Cathcart of Chatham, New Jersey; Miss Emily Ann Cathcart of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, escorted by Mr. Matthew Mason Counihan of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania; Mr. David Byrd Cathcart of Charlottesville, Virginia; Miss Mary Anne Butler of Tybee Island, Georgia; and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dean York of Charleston, South Carolina.

Joining Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bellingrath Edgar at the president’s table for dinner were members of the board and their husbands: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yates Knowlton, Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNulty Beal, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Harold Reading II, Mr. and Mrs. James Emerson Smith Sr., Mr. and Mrs. David Orion Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Walter Taylor Jr., Mrs. Eugene Aycock Brooker, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Patrick Dorn III, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Brooks Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Nelson Weston Jr., Dr. and Mrs Richard Taylor Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Steven David Searcy, Mr. and Mrs. John Kershaw deLoach III, Mr. and Mrs. William Austin Bunch, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bryant Edmunds Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William Tison Bowers, and Dr. and Mrs. Walter James Bristow III.

Rachel Ross Reeves Rachel Ross Reeves The Jimmy Farr Orchestra provided music for dancing and the debutante figure. Mr. Walter Bellingrath Edgar announced the debutantes, and Mrs. John Heslep Moorman Jr. coordinated the debutante figure.

Following dinner, coffee was served from The Assembly’s antique coffee service by Mrs. Thomas Bryant Edmunds, Mrs. Archibald Hardy IV, Mrs. Charles Reid Jackson, Mrs. Gary Tusten Pope, Mrs. Edward Kriegsmann Pritchard III, and Mrs. Warrington Lawrence Williams.

Emily Duvier Cathcart Emily Duvier Cathcart The Floor Committee members were Mr. William Austin Bunch, Mr. Walter Patrick Dorn III, Mr. Walter Weaver Roth III, Mr. Steven David Searcy, Mr. James Emerson Smith Sr., Mr. Benjamin Walter Taylor Jr., Mr. Shannon Nelson Weston Jr., Mr. David Orion Williams, and Dr. Richard Taylor Williams.

Sarah Whitner Tarika Sarah Whitner Tarika

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