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The Camelia Ball presents ten debutantes December 17

Anne McMeekin Herlong Anne McMeekin Herlong The Camellia Ball presented seven debutante daughters, three granddaughters, four out-of-town nieces, and 15 guest debutantes at the annual ball December 17, 2011, at Forest Lake Club.

Camellia Ball president, Mr. James Augustus Herlong, and Mrs. Herlong received members and guests at a reception in the ballroom prior to the ball. Mr. Robert Watson Foster Jr. presented the debutantes with introductions.

The debutante figure was led by Miss Anne McMeekin Herlong followed by Miss Emma Simms Short. Miss Herlong was presented by her father, Mr. James Augustus Herlong, and escorted by Mr. Richard Anderson Steadman III. Miss Short was presented by her father, Mr. William Harold Short Jr., and escorted by Mr. Boyd Benson Jones Jr. Next to make their debuts were Miss Helen Jervey Brennan presented by her father, Dr. James Robert Brennan, and escorted by Mr. Christopher Paul Vogelsang Jr.; Miss Rustin Rae Cassels presented by her father, Mr. William Tobin Cassels III, and escorted by Mr. Mason Stanley Harpe; Miss Martha Cleveland Covington presented by her father, Mr. James Preston Covington III, and escorted by Mr. Thomas Hodges Hipp; Miss Margaret Paulling Tompkins presented by Mr. John Marion Sadler Hoefer and escorted by Mr. Richard Sims Tompkins Jr.; and Miss Charlotte Canada Trotter presented by her father, Mr. Henry Eugene Trotter Jr., and escorted by Mr. William Frederick Marscher IV.

Emma Simms Short Emma Simms Short Debutante granddaughters presented were Miss Miriam Adair Sadler Keenan presented by Mr. John Marion Sadler Hoefer and escorted by Mr. Christopher deGraffenried Keenan Jr.; Miss Sara Ann Elizabeth McCain presented by her grandfather, Mr. George Spruce McCain, and escorted by Mr. Thomas Mobley Jeter Jr.; and Miss Ann Simmons Trapp presented by her grandfather, Mr. Francis Hubert Herndon, and escorted by Mr. Frank Russell Purdy IV.

Helen Jervey Brennan Helen Jervey Brennan Out-of-town nieces presented were Miss Anne Carroll Breeden presented by Mr. James Augustus Herlong and escorted by Mr. Henry Lucius Laffitte III; Miss Charlotte DuBose Gantt presented by her uncle, Mr. Frederick Hay Gantt Jr., and escorted by Mr. Bedford McNair Wooten; Miss Mills Elizabeth Goettee presented by her uncle, Dr. Milton Donald Alexander Jr., and escorted by Mr. Caleb Rowe Korn; and Miss Mary Louise McDonald presented by her uncle, Dr. James Calvert Reynolds, and escorted by Mr. James Ronald Wilson.

Guest debutantes presented were Miss Mary Hunter Beasley, escorted by Mr. George John Zourzoukis; Miss Margaret Leigh Becker, escorted by Mr. William Darnall Boyd Bailey; Miss Genevieve Elizabeth Choate, escorted by Mr. Samuel Louis Selig; Miss Virginia Hallett Connell, escorted by Mr. George Hunter McMaster II; Miss Mary Marchant Couick, escorted by Mr. Robert Wilson Kennemur; Miss Sara Watts Faulks, escorted by Mr. John Anderson Wells IV; Miss Elizabeth Skardon Garrison, escorted by Mr. William Griffin Starnes; Miss Alyssa Danielle Graham, escorted by Mr. Aaron Adger Rice III; Miss Ella Hampton Hyatt, escorted by Mr. Richardson Gaillard Seabrook; Miss Alice Patterson Hymson, escorted by Mr. Taylor Steven Brown; Miss Nathalie FitzSimons Matthews, escorted by Mr. James Paul Newman III; Miss Ada Margaret McKinney, escorted by Mr. Ross Thornton Bogan; Miss Rossi Leventis Theodore, escorted by Mr. Steven LeGrande Harvin Jr.; Miss Charlotte Lillian Walker, escorted by Mr. Garrett Leighton Hoover; and Miss Martha Glazener Walker, escorted by Mr. Arthur Rikard Best Jr.

Rustin Rae Cassels Rustin Rae Cassels Sons attending their first Camellia Ball were Mr. Arthur Rikard Best Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rikard Best; Mr. Steven LeGrande Harvin Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Steven LeGrande Harvin; Mr. Boyd Benson Jones Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Benson Jones; Mr. George Hunter McMaster II, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Gourdin McMaster; Mr. Christopher Davis Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hyde Ray; and Mr. Frank Lockehart Rodgers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baxter Rodgers III.

Martha Cleveland Covington Martha Cleveland Covington Each debutante carried a nosegay of debutante camellias, pink roses, white freesia, Queen Anne’s lace, white hydrangea, green trachelium, white wax flowers, and pink bouvardea adorned with pink satin ribbon and streamers.

Dancing and dinner followed the presentation of the debutantes in the ballroom. The Dick Goodwin Orchestra provided music. Following dinner, coffee was served in the foyer.

Camellia Ball officers, in addition to President Herlong, are Mr. John Lyles Glenn IV, secretary, and Mr. Robert Watson Foster Jr., treasurer. Board members are Mr. Arthur Rikard Best, Mr. Leslie Arlen Cotter Jr., Mr. Joseph Read Folline, and Dr. Michael Cameron Foster Sr. Chairmen of the 2011 Ball are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watson Foster Jr., and co-chairmen are Mr. and Mrs. William Curry McDow.

Margaret Paulling Tompkins Margaret Paulling Tompkins The following chairmen assisted with the ball: Mr. and Mrs. Muldrow Burgess Mills, beverage committee; Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lee Richards, camellia committee; Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Benson Jones, debutante committee; Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun Thomas III, debutante flowers; Mr. and Mrs. Lanneau William Lambert Jr., debutante mother representative; Mr. and Mrs. Peter McDonald Bristow, decorations; Mr. and Mrs. John Marion Sadler Hoefer, house and seating; Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cameron Foster Sr., stags; Mr. and Mrs. Simpson Zimmerman Fant, photography; Dr. and Mrs. Victor Shaw Evans, invitations; Mr. and Mrs. David Eric Baxley, menu; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sheldon Paschal III, music; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brevard Clay, Jr., publicity; and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wallace Borden, scrapbook.

Charlotte Canada Trotter Charlotte Canada Trotter

Miriam Adair Sadler Keenan Miriam Adair Sadler Keenan

Sara Ann Elizabeth McCain Sara Ann Elizabeth McCain

Ann Simmons Trapp Ann Simmons Trapp

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