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2011-12-02 / On Second Thought

Readers respond to travel stories


I’m enjoying Warner Montgomery’s stories from our area. Looking forward to reading his impressions of MacKenzie-Childs.

Bruce Stoff
Convention & Visitors


I had such a funny experience when opening the paper and seeing Warner Montgomery’s article, “History & Culture in Hagerstown.” I was an art teacher for over 20 years in both Frederick and Washington Counties; most being spent in Hagerstown. At the end of 2003, my husband and I relocated to Shanghai for five years with my husband's job, and then moved to Columbia from there. When I opened the paper and saw your article, I began reading it in the mindset that I was still living in Hagerstown. Then I stopped and thought “wait a minute... I'm not in Hagerstown... what's Hagerstown doing in the Columbia paper?!”

I spent many hours in the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, which also happened to host the Youth Art Month exhibits that all of the county art teachers would set up yearly in March. And I remember, very fondly, attending events at the beautiful Maryland Theatre; seeing Ray Charles and The Four Tops were my favorites.

There were many times I felt as though Hagerstown was a cultural desert, but it is blessed to have some shining stars. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Becky Blair

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