2011-12-02 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

West Columbia

tSunset Blvd., 300 block: A man was arrested at 4 p.m. Monday after an officer spotted him urinating on the side of a building. When the officer approached the man, the man continued to relieve himself while answering the officer’s questions. He gave the officer his name and date of birth, and the officer ordered him to stop urinating and to cover himself, but the man said he couldn’t stop as he had been drinking “a whole lot of iced tea.” Once the man finished, the officer charged him with indecent exposure in public and took him to jail. The man said that he didn’t have a car, but the officer saw a car parked at a strange angle with the door open, and finally the man did admit that was his vehicle. It was towed and stored until the man could get out of jail. tCharleston Highway, 100 block: Two people were arrested in the parking lot of a bar at 2 a.m. Sunday after an officer was assisting EMS in a medical emergency. While the medical technicians were assisting an ill person, a group of men began swearing and yelling nearby. The officer walked over and told the men to hold it down and stop using such foul language. One of the men began swearing at the officer and told him that it was his “expletive” freedom of speech to say what the “expletive” he wanted to, and no “expletive” cop was going to tell him what to do. The officer again ordered the man to calm down, but instead, the man let out another tirade at which point the officer placed him in handcuffs. At that point, a woman came up, also yelling and swearing and demanding that the arrested man give her her car keys. He couldn’t comply as he was in handcuffs, so the woman began berating the officer, also calling him foul and obscene names. She told the officer that he couldn’t arrest her because she was good friends with a Lexington County state senator. She also said her mother worked for a prominent prosecutor in Lexington, so she told the officer she had nothing to worry about. When the man realized he was indeed going to jail he told the officer he was carrying a small amount of marijuana in his pocket so he was charged with drug possession as well as disorderly conduct. The woman was charged with disorderly conduct and with interfering with police.

Richland County

tCovenant Road, 3000 block: Police were called to a home at 3 p.m. Tuesday after a man arrived home to discover two other men carrying a safe across his backyard. The man making the report said the duo was carrying what appeared to be a very heavy safe, the type a person would have in their home to keep valuables in, across his property and when he drove up they dropped it and fled. While officers were on the way to that man’s home, another man called in a report that he had been burglarized and his safe was missing. The man with the missing safe said the thieves threw a large rock through his side window and went out through his back door with his safe. The safe was said to have contained important papers, his passport, and some European currency. The man said his laptop has also been destroyed and a very valuable collector’s knife was missing. tTwo Notch Road, 3000 block: A woman went to police headquarters at 1:30 p.m. Monday to report her former significant other had attacked her in the cereal aisle of a grocery store. The 31-year-old woman told officers she had gone to a grocery store near her home, and her former lover tried to ram her car with his. She said she out-maneuvered him in the parking lot and got away. She waited for a while and then went back to the store with a friend to shop. She and the friend went inside after not seeing the other man’s car in the lot. While she was shopping, she said the man appeared out of nowhere in the cereal aisle and began to slap and hit her. She said she and her friend ran out of the store. Police were called by store employees, and the man was arrested, but the woman had already left the scene. She said she came to the police because she wanted to press charges since the man was locked up and couldn’t hurt her. The couple has a long history of the man abusing the woman but since this attack was caught on tape at the store, she said she felt more confident about pressing charges. tTwo Notch Road, 300 block: A man was arrested at a fast food eatery at 3:30 p.m. Sunday for causing a disturbance while waiting in line. The man and his “baby mama” were arguing over the type of sandwiches to buy for themselves and their kids when the man got really angry and began to yell and swear at the woman. He shoved her, but then he fell down. Police were called, and the man was discovered to be drunk. Once he was arrested, he began to swear and threaten the mother of his children even more, using foul and obscene language in the presence of other customers, including children.

Forest Acres

tForest Drive, 4000 block: A woman was almost arrested at 2:30 p.m. Sunday after exercising at a gym. After her workout, the woman discovered her car had been vandalized and burglarized. When she called police and they ran a license check on the car and the woman, and it came back the woman had several warrants in several counties and that the car was stolen, and that her license was suspended. It took several hours to sort it out, but the woman was able to prove by paperwork and phone calls she had been a victim of identity theft, and all the warrants and charges were the result of that. She was not charged with anything at the scene. tForest Drive, 3000 block: A man was arrested at noon Monday after he tried to steal a woman’s necklace from a department store. As security guards watched, the 27-year-old man took the necklace box and dropped it into his pants pocket and then went into a dressing room. He came out without the box and walked toward the exit of the store. As a guard detained him, the necklace, clearly a woman’s piece of jewelry was around his neck. The man said he thought if he got rid of the box, no one would notice the theft.

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