2011-10-28 / News

Rosewood community must decide whether to make interim measures protection permanent

By Josh Cruse

After two years under the interim measures protection, Rosewood residents must decide whether to make the protection a permanent status. Interim measures protect structures that are 50 years or older. They cannot be demolished without a review. Homeowners must submit a plan for any new structures before any building starts.

Being part of the Rosewood area, Edisto Court faced the same issue. Both Edisto Court neighborhood president Bessie Watson and Rosewood Community Council president Jenna Stephens informed residents of the current status of the situation at the Edisto Court Neighborhood Association meeting on Monday, October 24. Knowing they needed to make a decision, both Stephens and Watson have been meeting with the city staff to work out a resolution. One big issue that both presidents faced was contacting everyone in Rosewood to make sure the permanent status was what they wanted. Unable to accomplish their goal, the neighborhood leaders requested a second term of the interim measure status. The measure passed on October 11, 2011, and will expire on October 11, 2013.

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