2011-10-21 / On Second Thought

Quirky Crimes in the Capital City

Forest Acres

tForest Drive, 5000 block: An officer pulled over a couple at 7 p.m. Monday after he heard them arguing in their car. Once he got them separated, it was discovered they were man and wife and having a three-day-old quarrel... The man told the officer that it had all started over the weekend when the wife had called him “lazy.” He said he got angry at that and then he called her “an idiot,” and she couldn’t let it go. He said when the squabble erupted again Monday this time the wife hit him. The wife’s story confirmed the man’s version, but she denied ever hitting her husband. After much chatter and disagreement, the lovers finally agreed the man would go somewhere for a few hours and give the wife a chance to cool down. tMcArthur Avenue, 100 block: Neighbors called police at midnight Monday after they said a man and woman were arguing loudly and might be about to fight. When officers arrived, the two were in a dispute over who slept with whom and who was the father of the baby the woman had just discovered she was going to have. The two kept going back and forth at each other until the woman said the man destroyed her phone. The man denied that, and he told officers he was just trying to get the woman to go back to his place so they could talk.

Richland County

tPercival Road, 300 block: A grandmother called police at 6 a.m. Tuesday after she said her granddaughter was being attacked by the granddaughter’s live-in boyfriend. The grandmother told officers she had been on the phone with her grandchild when the woman’s boyfriend came home drunk. The grandmother said the boyfriend started yelling at her granddaughter and accusing her of talking to another man. She said he refused to believe the granddaughter was speaking with her. As the man snatched the phone from her granddaughter, the woman screamed for her grandmother to call the police, which she did. When officers arrived at the home, the boyfriend had fled because he knew the police were on the way, the girlfriend said. She said she told the man she was talking to her grandmother and offered to let him speak to her, but instead the man started grabbing for the phone and yanking on her clothes. The 27- year- old woman sustained a scratch on her hand. Police searched the area for the 33-year-old man with no results. tTwo Notch Road, 3000 block: A man called police to come to a grocery store at 5 p.m. Monday after he said that three men were refusing to get out of his friend’s car, and they had a gun. Once officers arrived, the female driver told them there was a gun in a grocery bag in the back seat. They looked and retrieved the gun. The woman said her friend had asked her for a ride to the store and also asked if three of his friends could come too. On the way to the store, the man told the woman he was going to rob it. She protested, but he just told her to wait. As she waited with the other three men, it became clear the man asking for a ride owed money to a drug dealers, and these three men were sent to collect it. The man who owed the money went into the grocery store letting the drug dealers believe he was going to rob the store. Once inside he called police and explained things. When officer showed up, the man was arrested and charged with possession of a deadly weapon, unlawful carrying of a handgun and possession of a weapon by a prohibited person since the man had a warrant.

West Columbia

tNorth Line Street, 300 block: A man called police at 11 p.m. Tuesday after he said he had been beaten then stabbed and robbed. The 31-year-old man told officers he was outside talking on his cell when a man he didn’t know approached him and asked for a cigarette. He said as he reached in his jacket to get the cigarette, the other man punched him in the face and then pummeled him until he fell on the ground. At that point as the man tried to fight back, but his attacker pulled out a knife that looked to be seven inches long and stabbed him in his upper thigh. The robber then grabbed the injured man’s wallet from his pants and fled. The man’s family heard the noise and ran out, but the robber was gone. Police found a Croc-type shoe and a pink Polo ball cap at the scene that the victim said belonged to the armed man. tLown Street, 600 block: Police were called to an apartment at 8 p.m. Wednesday after a man told a woman someone had been stabbed. The 23-year-old woman told officers she heard what sounded like a fight outside her window, and she went outside to tell the participants to “take it somewhere else.” She said when she told one of the men to move along, he told her to “chill” because “a dude just got stabbed.” When police arrived, they found no one, but a search of the near-by medical facilities turned up a stab victim. That man suffered multiple stab wounds that looked to be from a pocket-knife. The man told officers several different stories about the altercation but finally admitted he had gotten into a dispute with another man he knew only by his first name. He said another man tried to break it up, and then he and that man got into a fight and that man pulled out the knife. None of his injuries were life threatening.

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