2011-10-21 / On Second Thought

Get your facts straight, people

Letters to the editor

I am contacting you in regard to Julia Hook’s article, “So Long, Garcia,” only because there was not an email address for her. While beating a dead horse can be appropriately applied here, I have to take exception with this:

“ In April 2011, it was announced that Garcia had been suspended indefinitely for causing a disturbance at an SEC- mandated meeting designed to encourage good life choices beyond college. I’m sorry, but that is funny. He showed up at a SEC mandated meeting designed to encourage good life choices beyond college and caused a disturbance??????

Did he really drink before showing up for that meeting? An SEC-MANDATED meeting??? No one involved has officially said he was drunk or drinking but um…. I’m thinking there was something besides sweet tea involved here."

Why will no one report what actually happened at this meeting? Judging by the rest of this piece, I suppose Mrs. Hook is only interested in commenting on rumors.

When this incident occurred, rumors were rampant about Garcia’s behavior, but no one wanted to tell the other side of the story in the press. Had it not been for actual eye witnesses who posted accounts on social media networks, we may have never known the truth. Although I’m sure Mrs. Hook will not be interested to know this, but Stephen Garcia was publicly humiliated in a room full of his peers by the speaker at this event - BEFORE his outburst which led him being asked to leave. The speaker ( who remains anonymous because investigative journalists would rather take the easy path of crucifying a college student) used Garcia as an example in his program. At one point posing the question “Who would you rather have as your leader, Tim Tebow or Stephen Garcia?” That brought protests not only from Garcia but from other players as well. Garcia spoke up to defend himself; the speaker continued to berate him and he lost his temper.

While I understand that he was expected to behave in a different manner, I also cannot say that many people in the same situation would have been able to do so.

Its not just your paper; no other paper cared to report facts either. I guess I'm just growing a little tired of lazy reporters and those writing with agendas.

Chad Maddox
Simpsonville, SC

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