2011-09-23 / On Second Thought

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Letters to the editor

Thank you for Julia Rogers Hook

I want the Columbia Star to know how much I enjoy reading the articles by Julia Rogers Hook. Her stories are entertaining, thoughtful, and informative. I especially was moved reading her thoughts regarding the terrorist attack on our country on September 11, 2001. I look forward to reading The Columbia Star every week, and the column by Julia Rogers Hook has a lot to do with it.

Thank you for featuring her.
Rose Mary Smith

The Theology of Harry Potter sounds intriguing

Just finished reading Mimi Maddock’s article about “The Theology of Harry Potter” and found it so insightful and interesting...also glad to see her fine notes and references for Dining for Women. The H.P. class at Columbia College sounds intriguing, and it’s neat she is participating.

Rannie French

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