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Columbia City Council meets at Greenview Park

Story and photos by John Temple Ligon

Columbia Swimming League was recognized at Columbia City Council meeting Columbia Swimming League was recognized at Columbia City Council meeting Columbia City Council held its annual District I evening meeting at Greenview Park Tuesday night, August 16. Every quarter, city council leaves City Hall and meets at a remote venue in one of its four districts. The plan is to encourage residents of each district to attend their district’s annual meeting.


Pat Connolly, interim director of Parks & Recreation, announced the Maxcy Gregg swim team won the Columbia Swim League City Meet Sunday, July 17. Under the direction of Coach Lori Balint, Maxcy Gregg defeated 23 other teams to become the overall city champions. For more information about the Columbia Swimming League, call 545.3100.

City Center

The City Center Business Improvement District ( BID) was re- established for 10 years terminating December 31, 2021. The BID began operating in 2002. Since that time, Main Street has seen the construction of three new office towers, totaling more than 700,000 square feet. Also, the Palmetto Building became the Sheraton, and the Marriott was completely refurbished. Mast General has moved into the renovated Lourie’s with two levels of apartments above, and the Nickelodeon is about to open next door. New investment in the BID over the first decade totals more than $ 350 million. The BID will continue to be managed by a non-profit, private sector corporation known as the City Center Partnership. The boundaries stay the same: the nine city blocks inside Assembly Street to Marion Street and Gervais Street to Elmwood Street. The annual yearly assessments remain as the combination of $.001844 per dollar of fair market value and $ 4.01 per foot frontage on Main Street.

Natalie Britt promotes bicycling and walking Natalie Britt promotes bicycling and walking Curfew

A juvenile curfew ordinance for the Five Points Hospitality District was discussed, and the argument in favor of a city-wide curfew for a city-wide impact was further discussed. If juveniles bent on causing trouble can’t be seen in Five Points after curfew, for now they can simply take their trouble into other areas where there is no curfew.

2012-2021 City Center Partnership, Inc. Business Improvement District Grid 2012-2021 City Center Partnership, Inc. Business Improvement District Grid Cameras

Council voted in favor of a plan to spend up to $100,000 in matching funds for purchasing and installing video cameras in the city’s hospitality districts. In Five Points, for instance, the merchants’ association has already committed to another 25 cameras, expecting the city to match the costs of purchase and installation dollar for dollar. The maintenance and the monitoring, however, is entirely the responsibility of the merchants. Bicycles

Natalie Britt asked council to appoint members to the Columbia Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC). The purpose of the BPAC is to advise the city’s transportation planning staff and the mayor and city council members on bicycling and pedestrian issues facing the city. Also, the BPAC is to continuously promote bicycling and walking as accepted forms of transportation.

Next meeting

The next regular city council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night, September 6, on the third floor of City Hall. For an agenda, go to columbiasc.net.

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