2011-08-05 / News

Eastminster hears news of Ethiopian school

By Jackie Perrone

Larry and Barbara Moir, missionary teachers at BESS, to share news at Eastminster Larry and Barbara Moir, missionary teachers at BESS, to share news at Eastminster Eastminster Presbyterian Church and the school Bethel Evangelical Secondary School (BESS) in Ethiopia have a long relationship. On August 11, teachers from the school will visit Eastminster and bring their supporters up to date about their work, their students, and the longtime partnership with Eastminster.

BESS is located in Dembi Dolla, Ethiopia, and proudly numbers eminent educators and government leaders among its graduates. In a country where few complete high school and even fewer go on to college, BESS has been able to provide an educational foundation for success for its students.

Barbara and Larry Moir are the missionary teachers who will be sharing news of their work at BESS at Eastminster, 3200 Trenholm Road, on Thursday evening, August 11 at 5:30 p.m in the Adult Reception Hall. A light buffet supper will be served before the presentation.

This church had a very personal connection with BESS some 30 years ago when a young Ethiopian named Jerman DiSasa immigrated here and joined Eastminster. His record of ambition and perseverence, nurtured by the school, evoked a response from church members who have been supportive of BESS ever since. Jerman went on to complete his education and become a professor at Presbyterian College in Clinton. Now, Jerman's son Amos DiSasa is serving as pastor of the new Downtown Presbyterian Church in Columbia.

Reservations for the meal may be made by calling Della Coulter at 782-4072, or dellacoulter@cs.com. Come without reservations if you wish.

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