2011-04-29 / Government / Neighborhood

Rosewood Community and SCE&G work out problems of substation

By Josh Cruse

It has been nearly a year since SCE&G announced they wanted to build a substation in Rosewood. Since that time, the Rosewood Community Council has been working with SCE&G to reach an agreement to benefit both sides. At the April 21 meeting of the Rosewood Community Council, Neighborhood President Rebecca Munnerlyn announced the latest news.

For SCE&G, they will build the substation on site at the corner of Rosewood Drive and Thornwell Court. The facility will have a brick wall on all four sides that will be complementary to the Rosewood community. No structure will be over 25 feet, and only one structure will be at the 25 foot height. Most of the lines will run underground. There will be no additional areal lines installed or trees cut down.

According to Munnerlyn, the Rosewood Community Council and SCE&G are working on a landscape plan for the new substation, but any plans will need the approval from the city of Columbia.

SCE&G has agreed to improve the current substations on Howard and Tyler street. Both substations will have the surrounding grass cut and the chained–link fences will be painted. Munnerlyn also said SCE&G has told her those two substations will be removed in the next 10 years.

Munnerlyn says the next step is to get City Parks and Recreation involved with the talks with SCE&G in hopes to improve Rosewood and Valencia parks with new picnic shelters for both parks as well as a new lighting scheme and improved parking at Rosewood park.

With future discussions between SCE&G and Rosewood still in the works, Munnerlyn said she feels pretty good about the current situation.

“We feel like we’ve come to a pretty good place with it.”

For SCE&G they have an upcoming meeting with the Board of Zoning Appeal to look forward to before any movement is made.

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