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Greyhounds need you

Contributed by Greyhound Lifesavers

Kodie Kodie What better month than National Adopt– a– Greyhound month to welcome a beautiful, graceful, and gentle companion into your home.

A total of 10 Greyhound racing tracks have closed across the country since the end of 2008, and 25 have closed since 2000. An estimated 500 to 1,000 greyhounds have been displaced as a result of each closing. Add greyhounds that have been retired from still–existing tracks across the country, and you have thousands of these vibrant dogs being cared for by adoption groups as they wait to be adopted into permanent homes.

Two tracks recently closed in Massachusetts as a result of state legislation banning racing, and the sluggish economy contributed to other closings across the country.

April is National Greyhound Adoption Month, and The Greyhound Project is spreading its message of greyhound adoption awareness to ensure that 100 percent of the greyhounds waiting at adoption groups find caring homes.

“Greyhounds are graceful, gentle pets and companions,” said president of The Greyhound Project Michael McCann. "The state of the economy has resulted in fewer adoptions and more surrenders. This factor, along with the track closings, really underscores the importance of finding permanent homes for these wonderful dogs."

The Greyhound Project works to assist over 300 greyhound adoption groups nationwide. The charity also publishes Celebrating Greyhounds, an award–winning quarterly magazine written for greyhound adopters, owners, and supporters. www.adopt-a-greyhound.org ww.greyhoundlifesavers.org or call 803-414-1476.

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