2011-02-25 / Government / Neighborhood

Olympia deals with zoning issues

By Josh Cruse

For 21 years Dan Campbell has been a resident of the Olympia Community and an owner of 766 Maryland Street. However, recently he was informed of changes to one of the neighboring properties, 768 Maryland Street. The changes bring to light a change in a zoning ordinance that Olympia residents were not aware of. Campbell talked about the issues at the We Are Olympia meeting on Monday, February 21.

For years a double wide mobile home has been occupied at 768 Maryland Street. However, one day Campbell was called up by his tenants and told that the double wide had been moved and there were plans for a single wide trailer to be moved in its place.

In 1983 Olympia and Richland County Council ironed out a zoning ordinance that claimed Olympia as a residential area, meaning that once mobile homes were taken out of any area in Olympia they couldn’t be replaced.

While fighting the battle to find out about a new single wide trailer moving into his neighborhood,

Campbell found out that the ordinance of 1983 had been changed.

In 2006 the Richland County Council amended the zoning ordinance to allow a new mobile home to replace an old one as long as it occurred within six months or 180 days of the removal of the older home.

Concerned about the changes, Campbell and Jim Jaco, current Olympia Neighborhood president, met with Geo Price, the head of the Zoning Department for Richland County. Price informed Campbell and Jaco the plan for a new single wide trailer to move into 768 Maryland Street was acceptable under the changes to the zoning ordinance.

In attendance at the Olympia meeting Monday was newly elected Richland County Councilman, Seth Rose. While Rose admitted that it would be difficult to completely do away with the current zoning ordinance, there may be room to make changes. It may be too late to change any plans for 768 Maryland Street, but the hope for residents at the Olympia meeting is to prevent further issues with mobile homes.

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