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Mike Maddock, General Manager
2011-01-28 / Government / Neighborhood

New cell tower proposed for Rosewood

By Josh Cruse

It was announced at the Rosewood Community Council meeting Thursday January 20 that Clear Talk, a cell phone carrier, wishes to build a tower on Rosewood Drive behind the Rite Aid. While a cell phone tower already exists behind the Rite Aid at the current SCE&G substation, Clear Talk wants a space on a new cell tower occupied on SCE&G’s tower.

While Clear Talk has coverage in other parts of Columbia, members of the company believe it is essential to have a tower in the Rosewood area.

After approaching the owners about collocating on the tower, Clear Talk was told they could have a transmitter 50 feet above the ground, a location lower than ideal. Fifty feet above the ground doesn’t pitch their signal above the ground clutter.

Because the proposal fell through, Clear Talk obtained the services of a lawyer with the Nexsen Pruett law firm to meet with the Board of Zoning Appeal (BOZA) to discuss a new tower.

The residents were concerned about collocation, clutter, and noise. The towers are generated by a diesel powered AP unit that makes a lot of noise. With SCE&G wanting to build another substation in Rosewood and an existing one a few feet from the proposed location, the residents think there are too many.

Clear Talk is scheduled to meet with BOZA in the upcoming weeks regarding a zoning change so that Clear Talk can build the cell tower.

In other news, Munnerlyn announced that SCE& G is meeting with residents of the Rosewood area about building a substation across from Hardees. SCE&G also held a meeting about this proposal over the summer. This next meeting will be held on January 30 beginning at 2: 00 p. m. at the Hamilton–Owens Conference Room.

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