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The Camellia Ball presents ten debutantes

Harriette Cleveland Best Harriette Cleveland Best The Camellia Ball presented eight debutante daughters, two granddaughters, three out–of–town nieces, and 23 guest debutantes at the annual ball December 18, 2010, at Forest Lake Club.

Camellia Ball president, Mr. Arthur Rikard Best, and Mrs. Best received members and guests at a reception in the ballroom prior to the ball. Randolph Blaire Epting presented the debutantes with introductions.

The debutante figure was led by Harriette Cleveland Best followed by Nell Lightsey Laffitte. Miss Best was presented by her father, Arthur Rikard Best, and escorted by Marion Sadler Walker. Miss Laffitte was presented by her father, Dr. Moses Tucker Laffitte III, and escorted Kevin Benjamin Jett.

Next to make their debuts were Lauren Elizabeth Bagnal, presented by her father, Thomas Nettles Bagnal Jr., escorted by Zachary Benton Rhinesmith; Samantha Kline Johnston, presented by her father, Philip Allen Johnston, escorted by John Bryant Lambert; Charlotte Manigault McElveen, presented by her father, William Powers McElveen Jr., escorted by William Thomas Mills; Elizabeth Tennent McElveen, presented by her father, William Powers McElveen Jr., escorted by Dillon Edward Brady; Mary Catherine McElveen, presented by her father, William Powers McElveen Jr., escorted by Charles Palmer Keenan; and Sallie DuPre Wall, presented by her father, Henry Pickett Wall, escorted by Lance Elliott Lipscomb.

Nell Lightsey Laffitte Nell Lightsey Laffitte Debutante granddaughters presented were Elizabeth Heath Carter, presented by her grandfather, John Cantey Heath, escorted by William Coleman Hubbard Jr.; and Elizabeth Lucius Laffitte, presented by her grandfather, Dr. Moses Tucker Laffitte Jr., escorted by Mr. James Augustus Herlong Jr.

Out–of–town nieces presented were Charlotte Rebecca Harvin, presented by her uncle, Steven LeGrande Harvin, escorted by Cameron Thompson Harvin Jr.; Emily Seabrook Hoefer, presented by her uncle, John Marion Sadler Hoefer, escorted by Matthew Thomas Talley; and Caroline Campbell Moorer, presented by her uncle, George Edward Simmons, escorted by Bryan Ellis Ashley.

Lauren Elizabeth Bagnal Lauren Elizabeth Bagnal Guest debutantes presented were Anna Rutherford Barber, escorted by Richard Eugene Marsh III; Caroline Mills Clark, escorted by Richard Hendricks Furman Jr.; Charlotte Newton Collins escorted by Thomas Moultrie Ball Jr.; Beverly Hammond Duvall, escorted by Thomas DuBose Bryan; Julia Elizabeth Frazier, escorted by Walter James Bristow IV; Margaret Rice Goodall, escorted by Benjamin Sanders Roberts; Frances Brunson Kneece, escorted by James Edwin Rogers III; Mary Margaret Kneece, escorted by David Kyle Strasburger; Sarah Bryan Knowlton, escorted by Thomas Hodges Hipp; Lauren Elizabeth McFadden, escorted by Douglas Scott Schultz Jr.; Mary Rogers McMaster, escorted by Henry Dargan McMaster Jr.; Amy Elizabeth Moore, escorted by Justin Allen Strauss; Ellen Meryl Mundy, escorted by James Durant Marcellus Hewlette; Austin Dargan Newman, escorted by Philip Garland Matthews II; Anna Flowers Price, escorted by Nicholas Shuford Rowe; Ella Kathryn Salley, escorted by Charles Wallace Salley Jr.; Margaret McKenna Strom, escorted by Christopher Ryan Dalton; Caroline Joye Stuckey, escorted by Adrian Newton Wilson Jr.; Mary Kathryn Taylor, escorted by David Kyle Hoover; Ellen Rood Traylor, escorted by Grant Allen Banks; Catherine Heyward Walker, escorted by Richard Newton Slater Jr.; and Drayton Chamblee Weston, escorted by Kyle Douglas Webster.

Samantha Kline Johnston Samantha Kline Johnston Sons attending their first Camellia Ball were William Darnall Boyd Bailey, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Screven Bailey, and Richardson Gaillard Seabrook, son of Dr. and Mrs. March Edings Seabrook.

Charlotte Manigault McElveen Charlotte Manigault McElveen Each debutante carried a nosegay of debutante camellias, pink roses, white freesia, Queen Anne’s Lace, white hydrangea, green trachelium, white wax flowers, and pink bouvardea adorned with pink satin ribbon and streamers.

Dancing and dinner followed the presentation of the debutantes in the ballroom. The Dick Goodwin Orchestra provided music. Following dinner, coffee was served in the foyer.

Camellia Ball officers, in addition to President Best, are Dr. March Edings Seabrook, secretary, and James Augustus Herlong, treasurer. Board members are Henry Brevard Clay Jr., Leslie Arlen Cotter Jr., Robert Watson Foster Jr. and John Lyles Glenn IV.

Chairmen of the 2010 Ball are Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Blaire Epting, and co-chairmen are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watson Foster Jr.

Elizabeth Tennent McElveen Elizabeth Tennent McElveen The following chairmen assisted with the ball: Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Lockman Reddic, beverage committee; Mr. and Mrs. John Frederick Bunge, camellia committee; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edwin Graham Jr., coffee table committee; Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Martin Cagle, debutante committee; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Francis Crews III, debutante figure; Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun Thomas III, debutante flowers; Mr. and Mrs. James Augustus Herlong, debutante mother representative; Mr. and Mrs. David Coleman Sojourner Jr., decorations; Mr. and Mrs. John Cantey Heath Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gavin Fawcett, house and seating; Mr. and Mrs. Steven LeGrande Harvin, stags; Dr. and Mrs. William Elliott Plyler Jr., photography; Dr. and Mrs. March Edings Seabrook, invitations; Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rast Hubbard Jr., menu; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sheldon Paschal III, music; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brevard Clay Jr., publicity; and Dr. and Mrs. Charles Guy Castles III, scrapbook.
Mary Catherine McElveen Mary Catherine McElveen
Sallie DuPre Wall Sallie DuPre Wall
Elizabeth Heath Carter Elizabeth Heath Carter
Elizabeth Lucius Laffitte Elizabeth Lucius Laffitte

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