2010-12-10 / Government / Neighborhood

Cayce plans Christmas activities

By Kristin Lavender

Members of the Cayce City Council met on Tuesday, December 7 for their monthly meeting. At the December meeting, Mayor Partin presented Community Service Awards to two residents of the City of Cayce: Robert McArver, who has served on the Cayce Zoning Board of Appeals for five years, and John Raley, who has served on the Planning Commission for five years.

Patricia Shull, a resident of Cayce for the past 42 years, said she has been paying sewer charges since 1996 but has never tapped into the sewer and remains on a septic tank. Shull said she doesn’t believe she should have to be paying for the sewer charges.

Gary Hubbard gave a brief update on the Brown Water Study. Hubbard is superintendent of the treatment facilities at the Cayce Utilities Division. He told Council that they will provide a final update soon.

The City of Cayce and Cayce Historical Museum will present The Lights of Cayce through December 31 at Cayce City Hall. Mayor Partin commented on the great efforts to make this event a success and commended Cayce residents for their support and hard work.

The Cayce Public Safety Community Services Unit will present Cayce Family Move Night on Friday, December 17 at 6:30 p.m. at the Visitors Center Cayce Museum. They will be showing Disney’s A

Christmas Carol for no admission charge.

Minutes from the November 9 meeting, November 18, and December 2 special meetings were unanimously approved by a motion made by Jenkins and seconded by Isom.

The 2011 council meeting dates were approved in a motion made by Jumper and seconded by Isom. The August 2011 meeting date was switched to August 9. All other meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month.

Council approved the installation of a street light at 1819 Middleton Street. The light will be placed on an existing SCE&G pole.

An amendment to the 208 Water Quality Management Plan to include changes in the various wastewater management area designations was discussed. The changes will expedite the process by allowing the developer to contact the City of Cayce.

Council members present were Mayor Elise Partin, Mayor Pro-Tem Kenneth Jumper, Skip Jenkins, Steve Isom, and Tim James. Interim City Manager Steve Brown and Assistant City Manager Tammy Barkley were also in attendance.

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