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’Nuf sed

Meekin Herlong and Pam McDowell cruise around with Pam’s “granddog,”Selwyn. Selwyn says, “If I could ditch these older ladies, I could pick up some cute dogs.” More...

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation


The Woman Whose Garbage I’m Responsible for has a Facebook page. I would be less surprised if she stuck a Jim DeMint sticker on her car or quit recycling the garbage. More...

Bob Ford's Call the Cops

Shot nine times and lives

Becky Gibbons is a rookie cop in a big city, but she has less than a year working the streets. More...

Forty– something

Sprinting to a mid–life crisis

I’ve entered yet another disturbing phase of the aging process. In fact, I sprinted into it. My ten–year–old daughter beat me in a timed foot race around a quarter– mile track last Sunday.   More...

Political Cartoon

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