2010-09-03 / Government / Neighborhood

Is AT&T really going door to door?

By Mimi M. Maddock

Several weeks ago, two gentlemen came in my yard as I was leaving my house. They said they were from AT&T and wanted to ask me a few questions regarding the service. They had name tag looking things around their necks. I saw no logos on their shirts. I saw no AT&T vehicles. I quickly said what I did not like was people coming to my house and asking me questions, and I hopped in my car and took off. When I got to the office I called 911 and reported the two men. I heard nothing more.

Yesterday, as I was driving home on Hagood Avenue, I saw a man in an orange shirt with a clip board talking to one of my neighbors. I immediately thought solicitor. When I got home, I found the following Post–it on my front door.

There is no way to call a representative from AT&T to check to see if this is real or a scam to get information. Also, it is beyond my comprehension that a big company like AT&T is sending people door–to–door.

Since I have cable with Time Warner, I am even more suspicious of these people. If anyone knows anything about this, please email me at mimim@sc.rr.com.

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