2010-08-13 / Public Notices




OF ESTATES All persons having claims against the following estates are required to deliver or mail their claims to the indicated Personal Representatives, appointed to administer these estates, and to file their claims on Form #371PC with the Probate Court of Richland County, the address of which is P.O. Box 192, Columbia, SC 29202, on or before the date that is eight months after the date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors, (unless barred by operation of Section 62-3-803), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements, indication the name and the address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed and the date when due, and a description of any security as to the claim.

Estate: MARY EVELYN CUMMINGS 2010ES4000949 Personal Representative: ALICE CLINE RICHARDSON Address: 115 LAUREL BLUFF RD., LEXINGTON, SC 29072 Personal Representative: DOTTIE JEAN SHEALY Address: 20977 US HWY 76, NEWBERRY, SC 29108 Attorney: C. JOSEPH ROOF, SHERILL & ROOF, LLP Address: PO BOX 11497, COLUMBIA, SC 29211

Estate: PAUL ARTHUR DEWEY 10ES4000946 Personal Representative: MARGARET R. DEWEY Address: 213 RUCKER RD., CHAPIN, SC 29036

Estate: JENNIFER BELLEMERE DILLARD 10ES4000943 Personal Representative: ALLIE P. DILLARD Address: 6307 MERRILL RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29209

Estate: RUBY HAMMOND DITMER 10ES4000955 Personal Representative: CARY D. MARSH Address: 389 OXENBRIDGE WAY, CHAPIN, SC 29036

Estate: EVELYN THOMAS EVANS 10ES4000945 Personal Representative: RICHARD LOUIS EVANS Address: 7814 ST. CHARLES SQUARE, ROSWELL, GA 30075 Attorney: WILLIAM PYATT Address: 1507 BUSH RIVER RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29210

Estate: MARY RUTH FICKLING 10ES4000947 Personal Representative: GROVER JAMES MARTIN Address: 2231 PLEASANT RIDGER DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29209

Estate: BRENDA RABON FULLER 10ES4000959 Personal Representative: JEFF FULLER III Address: 44 CORONET DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29206

Estate: BEAUFORT C. HALLMAN SR. 10ES4000954 Personal Representative: NANCY HALLMAN BOOCO Address: 239 TOMBEE LANE, COLUMBIA, SC 29209

Estate: LOUISE BLONDELL HOLMES 10ES4000961 Personal Representative: W.T. HOLMES Address: PO BOX 1081, CHESTER, SC 29706

Estate: NATHANIEL JONES 10ES4000953 Personal Representative: MADELINE V. ELLIS Address: 1719 PATRIOT DR., FT. WAYNE, IN 46814

Estate: DALE STEPHEN JOYNER 10ES4000927 Personal Representative: LANETA JOYNER Address: 230 SAND FARM TR., BLYTHEWOOD, SC 29016

Estate: HERBERT CAYRUTH NELSON SR. 10ES4000957 Personal Representative: VIVIAN G. NELSON Address: 80 GUERNSEY DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: CLEMMIE ELIZABETH PICKELSIMER 10ES4000941 Personal Representative: GLYNN PICKELSIMER Address: 224 MOSS FIELD RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29229 Attorney: WILLIAM CETH LAND Address: PO BOX 138, MANNING, SC 29102

Estate: JACK P. PIERCE 10ES4000950 Personal Representative: WAYNE CARSON RAICHLE Address: 918 BELTLINE BLVD., COLUMBIA, SC 29205 Attorney: CARL A. ELLSWORTH Address: 1735 ST. JULIAN PLACE, #103, COLUMBIA, SC 29204

Estate: ALLISON ALPHONSO ROSS 10ES4000942 Personal Representative: BEULAH M. ROSS Address: 505 QUAIL VALLEY RD., HOPKINS, SC 29061

Estate: NELLIE MAVIS WHITE 10ES4000958 Personal Representative: TIMOTHY R. WHITE Address: 2600 MIDLAND DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29204 Attorney: MELVIN D. BANNISTER Address: PO BOX 6833, COLUMBIA, SC 29260

Estate: BETTY CROSBY YOUNG 10ES4000732 Personal Representative: JERRY D. YOUNG Address: 330 W. CAMPANELLA CIR., COLUMBIA, SC 29203


Estate: ROBERT RUSSELL BAINE JR. 10ES4000968 Personal Representative: TERRY F. BAINE Address: 109 WANDERING BROOK RD., IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: AGNES BAXTER 10ES4000987 Personal Representative: CLIFTON BAXTER Address: 7204 HOLLOWAY RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29209

Estate: CECILIA LOPEZ BLANTON 10ES4000935 Personal Representative: HOOVER C. BLANTON Address: 3655 DEERFIELD DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29204 Attorney: HOOVER C BLANTON Address: 811 VETERANS RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29209

Estate: CLAUDIA SLICE EARGLE 10ES4000974 Personal Representative: JOYCE K. EARGLE Address: 1979 KENNERLY RD., IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: JOHN CLIFTON EASTERLN 10ES4000982 Personal Representative: MORGAN C. WIEBE Address: 508 DOVER DR., VALLEY CENTER, KS 67147 Attorney: JONATHAN LEE Address: PO BOX 2285, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: HENRIETTA C. GREEN 10ES4000972 Personal Representative: JACQUELINE B. GREEN Address: 811 POLO RD. APT. 1815, COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: WALLACE I. GULLIFER 10ES4000963 Personal Representative: HOLLY J. BUNTING Address: 242 LAKE CAROLINA BLVD., COLUMBIA, SC 29229

Estate: FRANCES LORRAINE HARRIS 10ES4000983 Personal Representative: MARY SHIVERS Address: 7528 TERRY ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29209 Attorney: J.L. MANN CROMER JR., CROMER LAW OFFICES Address: PO BOX 50624, COLUMBIA, SC 29250

Estate: VIRGINA ELIZABETH MOYE 10ES4000986 Personal Representative: VIRGINA WATSON ROWE Address: 834 NICHOLAS DR., CALABASH, NC 28467

Estate: THOMASINE DABBS MUZEKARI 10ES4000979 Personal Representative: BILLY MUZEKARI Address: 1507 WYNDHAM RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: WALTER WILIAM NELSON 2010ES4000965 Personal Representative: CARMEN R. GLENN Address: 6506 PALA ALTO LANE, CHARLOTTE, NC 28227

Estate: ROBERT RAYMOND ROBERTS 10ES4000990 Personal Representative: JENNIFER ROBERTS COMBS Address: 3002 GALLAHER FERRY RD., KNOXVILLE, TN 37932 Personal Representative: LISA ROBERTS JACKSON Address: 6016 POPLARRIDGE RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29206

Estate: JESSIE MAE SMITH 10ES4000951 Personal Representative: JOHNNIE EUGENE SMITH Address: 140 ELLIOTT RICHARDSON RD., IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: HELEN DEARNELL SNOW 10ES4000964 Personal Representative: SANDRA A. SNOW Address: 1112 AUTUMN CIR., COLUMBIA, SC 29206

Estate: ROGER WELLS JR. 10ES4000962 Personal Representative: CRISS V. WELLS Address: 3603 MAYBANK ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29204

Estate: ELIZA MAASS WILKINS 10ES4000969 Personal Representative: PHILIP M. WILKINS Address: 509 TRADER MILL RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223


Estate: JOHN ADAMS SR. 10ES4001031 Personal Representative: RONALD ADAMS Address: 417 SADDLEBROOK LN., HOPKINS, SC 29061

Estate: LOTTIE BELL MORANT ANDEREWIN 10ES4000922 Personal Representative: FELECIA L. MUSHATT Address: 2318 COMFREY CT., CHARLOTTE, NC 28213

Estate: SASNETT CAROL BEANE 10ES4001030 Personal Representative: RICHARD MAXWELL SASNETT III Address: 4 LAKE POINT DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29206 Attorney: FREDERICK A. CRAWFORD Address: 1900 BARNWELL ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Estate: THELMA BASS BEARD 10ES4001005 Personal Representative: SHARON B. WILLIAMS Address: 23 WEST CALHOUN ST., SUMTER, SC 29150 Attorney: EDGAR R. DONNALD JR. Address: 23 WEST CALHOUN ST., SUMTER, SC 29150

Estate: JAMES MATTHEW BENNETT 10ES4000994 Personal Representative: HAVOLENE BENNETT Address: 407 FRIARSGATE BLVD., IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: CURTIS D. BLANCHARD 10ES4001006 Personal Representative: WALTER W. BLANCHARD Address: 1719 KEYSTONE RD., CLEVELAND, OH 44134 Attorney: HEATHER CAIRNS Address: 2537 GERVAIS ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29204

Estate: JASPER BOYKIN SR. 09ES4001196 Personal Representative: JASPER BOYKIN JR. Address: 99 BRADLEY ST. NE, ATLANTA, GA 30312 Attorney: FRANCHOT BROWN Address: PO BOX 543, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: SARA HARMON CAUGHMAN 10ES4001034 Personal Representative: MARVIN J. CAUGHMAN Address: 23 LAKEVIEW CIR., COLUMBIA, SC 29206 Attorney: W. STEVEN JOHNSON Address: PO BOX 11262, COLUMBIA, SC 29211

Estate: DOROTHY HOOD CROUT 10ES4000988 Personal Representative: ANTHONY TONY CROUT Address: 411 PORTIA RD., BLYTHEWOOD, SC 29016 Attorney: HEATHER CAIRNS Address: 2537 GERVAIS ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29204

Estate: NORENE H. DAVIS 10ES4001027 Personal Representative: GEORGE EDWARD RHETT DAVIS II Address: 2934 LAYTON AVE., ATLANTA, GA 30318

Estate: PAGE KINARD DERRICK 10ES4000621 Personal Representative: COLIN M. DAILEY Address: 1328 JOHN CHAPMAN RD., IRMO, SC 29063 Attorney: CAROLE H. GUNTER Address: 2512 DEVINE ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: MILDRED JOHNSON ELLISON 10ES4001033 Personal Representative: SUSAN R. ELLISON Address: 22 RUNNING FOX RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223 Attorney: SUSAN R. ELLISON Address: 22 RUNNING FOX RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: SAMUEL JAMES ERVIN III 10ES400022 Personal Representative: ANNIE CHILDS ERVIN Address: 6100 CEDAR RIDGE, COLUMBIA, SC 29206


Estate: JIMMY GREENE 10ES4001007 Personal Representative: DOROTHY D. GREENE Address: 7412 EDGEWATER DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: ALFREEDA GRUPHOFER 09ES4000436 Personal Representative: LILLIAN S. LAMONATO Address: 4600 LEESBURG RD., HOPKINS, SC 29061 Attorney: KRISTINA BAKER Address: PO BOX 1992, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: WILLIE LEE HALL 10ES4001035 Personal Representative: CYNTHIA M. HALL Address: 9 CANVASBACK CT., BLYTHEWOOD, SC 29016 Attorney: EDWARD MCDONNELL Address: 2717 DEVINE ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: CLEVELAND R. HAMMONDS 10ES4000930 Personal Representative: MARGARET HAMMONDS ERVIN Address: 7120 ROXANN RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: WILLIAM HATCHELL SR. 10ES4001004 Personal Representative: MYRNA B. HATCHELL Address: 1057 LANGFORD RD., BLYTHEWOOD, SC 29016

Estate: JENNIE V. HILL 10ES4001002 Personal Representative: ELAINE HILL GOSSETT Address: 119 COSTWOLD CT., IRMO, SC 29063 Attorney: DAVID W. SIDDONS Address: 246 STONERIDGE DR. STE. 100, COLUMBIA, SC 29210

Estate: ROSE YVETTE W. HUNTER 10ES4001000 Personal Representative: MARIAN H. CROSS Address: 6 BATTLE ABBEY CT., GREENVILLE, SC 29607 Attorney: LESLIE H. YOUNG Address: PO BOX 290383, COLUMBIA, SC 29229

Estate: JANNIE L. JOHN 10ES4001026 Personal Representative: KUJENGA A. JOHN Address: 6812 DODGE LANE, TEMPLE HILLS, MD 20748 Attorney: THOMAS G. EARLE Address: 1735 ST. JULIAN PLACE #103, COLUMBIA, SC 29204

Estate: DARRELL EUGENE KELLEY SR. 10ES4001001 Personal Representative: KIM KELLEY HARRIS Address: 217 PINE BLUFF RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29229

Estate: WALTER THOMAS MCKINNEY 10ES4000991 Personal Representative: NANCY C. MCKINNEY Address: 1032 PAGE DERRICK RD., IRMO, SC 29063

Estate: O. DAVID MCMILLAN 10ES4000989 Personal Representative: JOHN KOZELSKI Address: 145 BROOKSPRINGS RD., COLUMBIA, SC 29223

Estate: FLORENCE FARLEY PARRISH 04ES4001457 Personal Representative: FANNETTA P. PARRISHGRAY Address: 1825 ST. JULIAN PL. APT. 6-1, COLUMBIA, SC 29204 Estate: GERTRUDE PORTER 10ES4001016 Personal Representative: ALICE J. SMALL Address: 229 CORDOVA DR., COLUMBIA, SC 29203

Estate: PEARL LEWIS ROWLAND 10ES4001014 Personal Representative: SYLVIA SIMERLY Address: 800 STATE ST. APT. 152, WEST COLUMBIA, SC 29169 Attorney: JOE R. NORTH Address: PO BOX 21248, COLUMBIA, SC 29221

Estate: VALINDA SUE SARGENT 10ES4001003 Personal Representative: LARRY LEE WILLIAMS Address: 1540 CONGAREE RD., HOPKINS, SC 29061 Attorney: C. KENNETH POWELL Address: 2231 DEVINE ST. STE. 302, COLUMBIA, SC 29205


Estate: MARGARET KATHRYN SIERNERS 10ES4001036 Personal Representative: DAVID G. WOLFF Address: PO BOX 8448, COLUMBIA, SC 29202 Attorney: ROGER A. WAY Address: PO BOX 8448, COLUMBIA, SC 29202

Estate: ROBERT IRVING UPSHUR 10ES4001032 Personal Representative: JOHN IRVING UPSHUR Address: 13528 SPINNING WHEEL DR., GERMANTOWN, MD 20874 Attorney: CAROLE H. GUNTER Address: 2512 DEVINE ST., COLUMBIA, SC 29205

Estate: ALICE ANN WILDS 10ES4000487 Personal Representative: CONSTANCE LAVERNE ROBERTS Address: 400 LAFAYETTE AVE., CAYCE, SC 29033 Attorney: CARLOS W. GIBBONS Address: 625 TAYLOR ST. 2ND FLR., COLUMBIA, SC 29201

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