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Dreher alumni give art to permanent collection

Contributed by Richland District One

Alumni of Dreher High School who have made art a large part of their lives are being asked to make a gift of the art to Dreher’s permanent collection by fellow alumni Carol Pittman.

Participating artists include Mana ’70 and Steve Hewitt ’71 and their daughter Vanessa’93.

Grace Linton Rockefellow ’56 Jimmy Palmer ’59, Eleanor Craig ’61, Anna Kaye Singley ’55, Heidi Darr–Hope ’72, Jim Glenn ’59, Rob Shaw ’74, Carol Pittman ’59, her son, Scott Pittman ’80, and Becky Wingard Lewis ’60 for her daughter, Helen Hill ’87 and Rick Wells.

For some, Dreher High School was the catalyst for entering into art as a career. These artists, not only produce art but also have gone into other aspects of the art world.

Mana Hewitt is a professor of art at USC, as well as director of the McMaster Gallery. Her daughter, Vanessa, is also a professor of art at Brenau College and also their gallery director. Steve Hewitt runs the Art Center of Columbia.

Rob Shaw is manager of Havens Gallery, and Scott Pittman is owner of Bonsai, Inc., which installs, houses, and moves art in Washington, DC.

Heidi Darr–Hope has worked with patients dealing with cancer. Rick Wells studied with Blue Sky and is known for his paintings of the low country. Many have taught art including Grace Linton Rockefellow, Eleanor Craig, Anna Kaye Singley, Laurie Farr Mosely, and Carol Pittman.

Helen Hill (deceased) Hill was a film maker in New Orleans. Dreher’s permanent collection includes artist Ed Yaghin, Jim Steven, John O’Neil, Nell LaFaye, Blue Sky, among many others. The project was organized by Carol Pittman, who teaches for the Art Department at USC. She said, “As I grow older, I thought that there were those of us who might want to leave something of ourselves to a school that gave us so much.

An Artist Reception will be held on Thursday, March 25, 2010, from 4–6 pm in the Media Center at Dreher High School, 3319 Millwood Avenue.

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