2010-03-05 / News

West Columbia

tBurlie Drive, 100 block: A woman called police at 2:30 am Thursday after she said her boyfriend of eight months had assaulted her. The woman told officers the man came home drunk and kicked in the guest bedroom door because he was angry that her daughter was visiting her. She said the man then came into her bedroom and shoved her face into a pillow. She said the man demanded she leave the residence or he would kill her. She said when she reminded him that it was her house and threatened to call 911. The man let her go and fled the home.

tReuben Circle, 7th block: Police were called to a home at 3 pm Thursday after two women said a neighbor threatened their children and called them a racial and derogatory name. When officers approached the neighbor, she denied all charges by the other women and went on to say they were flirting with her boyfriend, and they were trying to make trouble for her to possibly get her out of the picture.

tBachelor Street, 1600 block: A man called police at midnight Friday after he said his live–in girlfriend attacked him with a shoe. The 53–year–old man told officers he and the 28–year–old woman had been dating for six years and had two children together. He said that lately they had been arguing a lot, and he was seriously thinking the relationship might be over and was thinking about moving out and getting a place of his own. The man said he would go to a motel for the night to let the woman cool off.

tMeeting Street, 1100 block: A teacher called police at noon Tuesday after she said one of her students told her he had been with a former student on a burglary. The teacher said the student said the former student talked him into going with him to a woman’s house and breaking the window out and going in to steal the woman’s purse. The student said the former student told him it wasn’t stealing because the woman owed him money.

tSunset Blvd., 900 block: A woman came into the police department at 2:30 pm Wednesday to dispute a speeding ticket she received earlier this month. The woman asked to speak to the ticketing officer’s supervisor. The woman was upset the officer followed her before pulling her over. The supervisor tried to explain how an officer called in a tag number to a dispatch operator before they actually pulled the car over. The woman then told the supervisor she had received “lots of tickets for speeding” but “it never took officers as long to pull her over.” The woman thought that the delay was grounds for dismissing the ticket, she said.

Richland County

tTwo Notch Road, 6000 block: A man and a woman were arrested at 2 am Sunday after police spotted them smoking pot in a parking lot. The couple was sitting in a car with the windows down passing a joint as the officers pulled up. When they walked toward the car the woman tossed the marijuana cigarette out of the passenger window. She denied smoking the drug even though the officer had seen her and the man both puffing on the cigarette, and the car was filled with smoke and smelled of marijuana. She refused to cooperate with the officers and repeatedly pulled away from them as if she were going to make a break for it so she was charged and cuffed. The passenger had a partially smoked cigarette in his shirt pocket and was also charged. As police inventoried the car, they found two guns so both people were charged with weapon violations as well.

tRiver Drive, 3700 block: Three people were arrested at 10:30 pm Monday after police saw them parked under a No Loitering sign in the parking lot of a club. When the officer approached the car, they said they were going into the club yet none of them could produce any identification except the driver. The officer thought this odd as the club checks everyone for ID’s, a report said. The trio was asked to get out of the car, and when they did, the officer saw a revolver sitting by the driver’s seat. None of the three would admit to owning the gun so they were all charged with an illegal weapon violation, and the driver was charged with possession of the gun as it was in her car.

Forest Acres:

tBeverly Drive, 3000 block: Police were called to a home at 12:30 am Thursday after a landlady said her new tenant threatened her. The 56–year–old woman said the 20–year–old man had moved in two weeks ago and paid $200 down and agreed to pay $400 a month beginning in March. The woman said that the man had five friends over and turned up the music very loud and refused to turn it down. She said she entered his room and told him neighbors were complaining, and he grabbed some clothes and left but yelled at her that she would regret her actions. The man spoke to police and denied threatening the woman but accused her of barging into his room at all hours unannounced and said she constantly changed the rules on him since he moved in. Both parties agreed the man should move out.

tForest Drive, 3000 block: It was a field day of tall tales at a bank at noon Tuesday when a clerk became suspicious that a female customer was passing forged checks. The clerk said the customer cashed a $600 check about an hour prior to coming in to cash a second one, but the two checks had different signatures and handwriting on them. When police arrived, the customer told officers it wasn’t her the bank employee had called about, but another woman who had run. The employee denied this and further investigation revealed the 43–year–old thief had been in a day care center where her grandchild attended, and the director of the center had reported her pink wallet was missing. Following the thief’s trail, officers were told that the woman had stopped by a drug store and written a bogus check there for cigarettes. The man who was with the suspect denied knowing her and said he simply gave her a ride to the bank because she paid him $20, but the stolen pink wallet was in his car. The woman complained of chest pains and was taken to a hospital for evaluation. When she was deemed fit, she was then arrested and charged with forgery. The man was released without charges.

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