2009-12-25 / Events

Sertoma’s “signing” Santa

The Richland Sertoma Club gave its annual gift, a Santa Claus who “speaks” their language, to the speech and hearing impaired children at Brennan Elementary School Wednesday December 16. The “Signing Santa” has appeared at Brennan’s special class for children with speech and hearing difficulties for eight years bringing with him bags of goodies and holiday songs. Santa comes into the classroom speaking sign language to the children and teachers, singing, and signing Christmas holiday stories and songs. Santa gives each child a bag full of treats courtesy of the Richland Sertoma Club and the club’s coordinator Mike Long. “The other children have the gift of hearing, and we want to bring something special to these children who have hearing difficulties,” Long said. The Signing Santa is Edwin Dunlap, a member of the Richland Sertoma Club who is proficient in sign language. Dunlap is also an employee of Richland District One. Pictured with the Brennan children and Santa are Sertomans Jack Sterne and Mike Long.

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