2009-10-23 / News

Rosewood Community Council meets

By Josh Cruse

The Rosewood Community Council met Thursday October 15. Dave Capps with Parks and Recreation for the Rosewood Community Council, met with staff of Parks and Recreation about safety in the parks. Limbs on trees lower than seven feet are being cut down, and bushes higher than three feet are being trimmed. Other issues are the problems with dogs using the bathroom in the parks as well as dogs running around when they are not supposed to be.

Ursula Pallares, a resident of South Ravenel Street, said she and others on her street have been cited by the city for encroachment. According to the City of Columbia’s code of ordinances, encroachment is “Any disturbance in the natural grade, through construc- tion of impervious surfaces, trenching or excavation, storage of equipment, materials or earth, or through parking or circulation of vehicles or equipment.”

The problem for Pallares and some of her neighbors is that not everyone who may be in violation of this ordinance is getting cited. Another problem is the case of one of Pallares’ neighbors, some of the property is being cited for this violation was installed by the city. According to one of Pallares’ neighbors, the city helped install landscape timbers around seven years ago. Now the city says the landscape timbers are in violation of the encroachment ordinance and must be moved. For more information, visit www.columbiasc.net and click on the city council tab.

Officer Jennifer Jordan, an officer with the Columbia Police Department, reported that the number of burglaries and break–ins is down for the month. She also reported there were arrests made on a rash of break–ins on South Kilbourne Street. Four males ranging in age from 18–21 were arrested in connection with the crimes.

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