2009-09-25 / Government / Neighborhood

Don’t make it easy for the bad guys

By Josh Cruse

The Forest Acres Neighborhood Association met Tuesday, September 22. Sergeant Lori Tumlin, with the Forest Acres Police Department, gave a report on summertime crimes in the Forest Acres neighborhood.

Tumlin said a trend is starting where items are being stolen out of the lockers at Gold’s Gym. She also said the police have suspicions about a white van and a black man between the ages of 45–50 that may be connected with a series of thefts involving lawn equipment.

Tumlin said a burglary happened at White Hall drive where an outdoor spare key turned up missing. She suggests to make sure a spare key is well hidden. There was also a purse snatching at Richland Mall. She urged women to keep their purses close to them at all times while shopping.

Sheriff Leon Lott reported that from August 17 to September 17 there was a rash of 14 residential break–ins and one commercial break–in. During one of the attempted break–ins the suspects were scared off by the alarm system in the house. A break in the case came when the suspects attempted another break–in on Thursday September 17 at a home on North Shore Road. One of the residents was in the house when the suspects attempted to rob the house. She called the police, and they were able to apprehend one of the suspects at the scene and caught the other later. Currently, police are searching for two other suspects in connection with the rash of break–ins. The two in custody have confessed to the burglaries. All suspects involved are in the age range of 20–22 years old.

Sheriff Lott said, “We cannot make it easy for bad guys.” He said to close garage doors, don’t leave valuables in vehicles, don’t leave purses in shopping carts while shopping and get an alarm system that makes loud noises that draws attention from neighbors.

Lastly, Sheriff Lott talked about the importance of calling in anything that may seem suspicious. “Look out for your neighbor. It may not be your house today, but it might be tomorrow.”

Jim Litzinger and Jerry Stevenson with the Columbia Children’s Theatre announced some performances occurring at the Theatre in the coming months. “Go, Dog. Go!” is from September 18–27, “Frosty” from November 27–December 6, “Cinderella” from February 12–21, and “Junie B. Jones” from April 9–18.

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