2009-05-22 / Government / Neighborhood

Richland County has vacancy on appeals board

Contributed by Richland County

Richland County seeks a qualified candidate to serve on the Business Service Center Appeals Board. Qualified candidates will be business people living and doing business in Richland County.

The Business Service Center Appeals Board serves as the first point of contact for businesses wishing to appeal decisions handed by the Business Service Center. Responsibilities of the Appeals Board include: conducting hearings for appeals from businesses regarding final assessments, audit charge- backs, or denials or revocations of business licenses.

The Appeals Board consists of five members: three CPA's, one SC Bar Association member, and one other business person. Members serve four- year terms and are appointed by County Council and must reside in Richland County. Meetings are held on a case- by- case basis but no less than once a year.

Applications for positions on the Business Service Center Appeals Board are now being accepted through noon Wednesday, June 24, 2009. Applications available online at www.rcgov.us/bsc or at the Richland County Administration Building, 2020 Hampton Street, in the Clerk of Council's Office, Suite 4058, or the Business Service Center, Suite 1050.

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