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Love has everything to do with it: Writings about Love and the Lack Thereof

By Mimi M. Maddock

Love Has Everything Do With Writings About

Love and the Lack Thereof is not full of flowering fluff about foolishness, but strong straight- to- the- gut truth.

Readers can feel the emotional ups and downs Eugene Washington captures in his poems. His words are powerful and honest. He has a unique understanding of the pain battered and beaten women feel and their psychotic need to return to men who torture and abuse them.

Washington has been an outspoken advocate against domestic abuse for years. Washington's words jump out at you and slap you in the face with the reality of what happens between men and women. From the dysfunctional affairs of all ages to what true love means between two people, the poems show that Washington understands people's need to be loved and the effect the lack of love has on them and others.

You will find yourself in a poem or poems; you'll find your friends; you'll find your family. In this book of straight talk, everyone you know pops up.

Nancy Barton, executive director of Sister Care, Inc. says, "I have counseled domestic violence victims (women) who have been robbed of their self-esteem, focus, and pride, and it's extraordinary how Gene captures the essence of their hurt, hopelessness, and despair. The poem "Couldn't Live with him, Couldn't live without him" packages how all too many female domestic violence victims feel. Anyone not reading the book is missing out on a treat."

Cathy Cromer, a retired supervisor with Bell South, says, "The book has tremendous balance in that Gene delves into different types of love. Gene's take on agape love was touching, his writings on romantic love is plain- speak and witty, and his writings on domestic violence is eye- opening and educational. 'Grandma's Hips' is my favorite writing. The book is a must- read."

The only way to get understand the power of Washington's work is to read it. Unfortunately, the horror he writes about is true, but true love also exists in the poems as he writes about his father and mother's 52 years of marriage, and he praises his wife Gloria. His poems show that he has been blessed with unconditional love.

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