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Have a healthy New Year

Contributed by Dr. Shelly Jones shellydc@bellsouth.net

Do you remember, as a child, having the freedom to call a "do-over" when your were playing games? What a great tool at our disposal when we were about to lose or got off to a bad start. We could just call a "do-over," and the slate was clean for a new beginning.

That's the beauty of the New Year holiday and the tradition of making New Year's Resolutions. It's the ultimate time for a life and lifestyle "DO-OVER." It's the universal time to reflect on what we want different in our lives and how we are going to get it. It's a time to put together a plan that nourishes our growth and improvement in life and our quality of living. It's a fresh start that comes with an inherent enthusiasm and vision for our future.

Whatever your New Year's Resolutions are for 2009, spend some time thinking about your health and how you can make plans now for a healthier, happier, and more youthful year ahead.

1. PRIORITIZE - No matter what you want or plan for 2009, if you aren't healthy or feeling well, you will not be able to give your other goals and plans as much energy. Health or quality of life is a number one priority.

2. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS - be specific and dream big. (www.dreamcoach.com/gift)

3. SET MEASURABLE RESULTS - Set smaller, measurable goals you can recognize and measure. Lose weight is the big plan, but the mini- goals are eat fruit for breakfast, bring salads for lunch, and eat two vegetables every dinner are the smaller steps that bring the bigger goal into reality. (www.thesuccessprinciples. com)

4. SET A MONTHLY CALENDAR - Organize your mini- goals into monthly installments. For example: January - replace dessert with one teaspoon 70% dark chocolate. February - add CoQ10 supplement for my heart. March - walk at least 30 minutes three days a week.

5. BE AFFIRMATIVE AND PRESENT - Saying "I will NOT drink soda" and "I drink pure water with lemon" may be somewhat the same thing, but they produce different feelings and emotions because one is based on a negative response and the other is a positive response. Also, instead of saying "I will" consider saying "I am." You are affirming to yourself that you are already in the process of change. (www.vitalaffirmations.com)

6. STAY ON TRACK - Pre- plan for periodic reviews. For example, write on your calendar that every third Sunday you will take one- hour and review your goals to record your progress and make any adjustments to get back on track; or you might want to plan a review every quarter. (www.just212.com)

7. BE ACCOUNTABLE - Have a colleague or friend that you can partner with to keep you accountable and motivated. One of the reasons why Weight Watchers is so successful because every week you have to get on the scale and be accountable for what it says with other members.

Editor's note: Dr. Shelley Jones is a chiropractor. She advocates chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well, exercising, and preventative maintenance.











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