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Mike Maddock, General Manager
2008-11-21 / Government / Neighborhood

Forest Acres City Council meets November 13, 2008

By John Dixon

Roll call

The November 13 Forest Acres City Council Meeting was called to order and those assembled were led in the Invocation by Charles Fetner and the Pledge of Allegiance by Troop 37 from Shandon Methodist Church. A Public Hearing concerning the prohibition of digital signs and the prohibition of mobile billboard trailers or trucks commenced. Susan Chiles, Crayton Middle School Principal noted that the school would not like to see prohibition of digital marquees as part of the proposed ordinance as these signs are easier and safer to maintain. No other public input was offered, and the hearing was closed. Minutes from the October meeting were read and approved. Frank Brunson, Ginger Dukes, Charles Fetner, Shell Suber, Mark Williams, and Lee Holloway were present. Curtis Rye was absent due to health issues.

Mayor's issues

• 28 city signs with the vandalismproof appliqué have been put up.

• Quinine Hill park construction is still underway. Trails construction has been delayed due to excessive grading of certain portions. Steps are currently being taken to rectify the problem by regrading the site.

Responses to Prior Community Forum Items

• The changes to the Pet Noise Ordinance state that fees escalate for each successive offense in a 12 month period.

• Playground equipment at Quinine Hill Park is still being discussed.

New business

• Bill Hancock, CPA, presented the results of the City's FY 2007- 08 Audit. The City is in excellent shape again this year thanks in part to financial manager, Bob Massa who was recognized by Council for his hard work and sage advice.

• First reading approval was given to a request for a hospitality tax funds request for $3,000 from Access Leisure.

• A new appointment to a vacancy on the Appearance commission must be filled. Council will revisit this issue in December.

• An ordinance to rezone 2401 Decker Blvd. and Wedgefield Rd. at the corner of Decker Blvd. from R- 1 Residential to P1 public and semi- public was given first reading approval.

• Judgment on an ordinance that prohibits digital billboards and billboard trucks was deferred.

• First reading was given to an ordinance providing escalating penalties for repeated violation of the pet noise ordinance.

City administrator's report

• A request for A.C. Flora High School Ball field improvements was deferred.

• Posting of Rockbridge for no through truck traffic is under consideration. The SC Department of Transportation has agreed to post the area for no through truck traffic, but enforcement will be up to the Forest Acres Police Department which may be somewhat problematic as only four blocks of the thoroughfare are actually within the City of Forest Acres. Mark Williams will seek cooperation from the county and has rerouted all City of Forest Acres trucks using the area.

• Discussion of Sunday alcohol sales referendum was brief, and Williams will check into the possibility of getting the referendum up for vote in the May general election.

• Establishment of a Criminal Domestic Violence court was deferred for discussion at a later date.

• Williams asked for and received approval to place an old police car for auction.

• The DAV property donation is not officially deeded to the City of Forest Acres and the city is anxious to begin clean up efforts.

Council items

• Sweet Seasons and the City's Annual Carol Lighting will be held on the Rood Top of Midtown at Forest Acres from 6- 8 pm Thursday, December 4.

• Crayton Middle School's football team went undefeated this year.

• Katie Strickland, dance teacher at Crayton was named SC Dance Educator of the Year.

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