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Thirty- something speaks

Forever is a long time...better get some hobbies

I consider myself a Christian man. I wasn't always, but these days I go to church, pray a lot (and not just during Clemson football games), and I do my best to live a worthy life. More...

Bob Ford's Call the Cops!

"The Thing" in the washing machine

Ida's washing clothes in the utility room of her 100- year- old farmhouse in Gorham, Maine, just west of Portland, when she gets the surprise of her life. Ida reaches into the washer after the spin cycle to pull out a clean pair of jeans. More...

It's not a criticism, it's an observation.

The real election

Each voter picks a candidate; either by habit, party affiliation, or chance. We read everything we can that solidifies our belief. Negative stories are discounted as biased media or dirty campaigning by the opposition. More...