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West Columbia City Council meets September 2, 2008

By Benjamin Higgins Higginsb2@yahoo.com

Call to order

Mayor Bobby E. Horton called the meeting of the West Columbia City Council to order on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 at 6:02 pm. Council members present were Mayor Bobby E. Horton, Mayor Pro- Tem Tommy G. Parler, Eric L. Fowler, Boyd J. Jones, Marsha J. Moore, Cathy Shannon, and B.J. Unthank. Council members Jack L. Harmon and L. Dale Harley were absent due to surgery. Later in the meeting, Mayor Horton noted that Councilman Harmon is still recovering from his open- heart surgery. He added that Councilman Harley had surgery on a diabetic toe and is expected to make a full recovery. Mayor Horton indicated that Councilman Harley would likely return to council business in the coming days and be present at the upcoming council work session.

Request for appearance by the Clare Morris Agency

Clare Mor r is of the Clare Morris Agency and the agency's vice- president for creative strategies, Jessica Daly, briefly explained why they are the ideal PR/Marketing firm to meet council's needs. Council unanimously agreed to employ the Clare Morris Agency on an as- need basis.

Announcements by Mayor

Mayor Horton said a public meeting will be held in conjunction with council's regularly scheduled work session to discuss an ordinance concerning banning smoking in workplaces in West Columbia. Area business owners have been sent a mailing and public comments are invited. The Mayor's Roundtable is September 22 at 6 pm.

Old business

Second reading approval was granted unanimously to an ordinance annexing property on Denham Avenue and a recommendation from the Planning Commission to establish property off Drafts Woods Road as R-4(Low Density Residential).

New business

First reading unanimous approval was given in title only to an ordinance that would set fines for parking violations and establish a process to appeal said violations. The approval was given in title only because the ordinance is continuing to be edited.

First reading unanimous approval was also given to the following: an ordinance that allows AT&T to operate a cable service in West Columbia and set franchise fees, an ordinance annexing property on 725 Brown Street, an ordinance annexing property on 731 Brown Street and the acceptance of the Planning Commission's recommendation to classify certain properties on Lesley Drive and Meadow Lane as R- 3(low density residential).

Council gave first reading unanimous approval to a map amendment to change the zoning classification of a property between Chris Drive and Keckley from Split- Zoned C2 (general commercial) and R- 4(low density residential) to C-2(general commercial). The West Columbia Planning Commission had recommended unanimously to council that this map amendment be denied.

A resolution on the city's position on safety and loss control was unanimously approved.

A resolution returning property previously donated to the city was unanimously approved.

A subrecipient agreement with Lexington County for a Community Development Block Grant of $40,000 for sidewalk on Alexander Road at the Riverwalk and Amphitheatre was unanimously approved.

A subrecipient agreement with Lexington County for a Community Development Block Grant of $220,000 for fascade improvements on portions of the east side of 12th Street was unanimously approved.

W.M. Roebuck, Inc. was unanimously awarded a contract by council to work on the 12th Street Streetscape and Beautification Project.


Having no additional business, council adjourned at 6:32 pm.

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